Award of Merit Sept 2019

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Award of Merit Special Mention

Alexia Garcia del Rio (USA), A Land Where Children Play, Islamic (Student)
Brittney Thaxton (USA), Dikshya: Inspired by the Women of Nepal, Documentary Short, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Women Filmmakers
Cherylee Francis and NOAA/National Weather Service (USA), Ní’tsíí Níłtsą́ Yaahaalne’ – Hair Tells the Weather, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Chien-Ni Yang (USA), Milk Tea, Asian, Children / Family Programming, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Christopher Martini (USA), Just in Time, Actress: Leading (Margaret Ladd as Roberta)
Gianna Savoie and Jeff Reed (USA), Tomorrow’s Fish, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Guido Ekker (Netherlands), Shadowboxers, Web Tube Length Video
Independent Institute (USA), Love Gov 2: A Crisis Not to Waste, Actor: Leading (Jonathan Flanders as Scott Govinsky (Gov)), Actress: Leading (Mai Le as Rebekah)
Jamieson Allen, Nikolas Trusko, Laura Torres, Elizabeth Rezende, Conor Twohy and Julia San Andres (USA), Moving On, Web Series
Jennifer Loren, Cherokee Nation (USA), Ruth Muskrat Bronson: American Indian Activist and Advocate Ahead of Her Time, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Jesse Lin (USA), Poached, Film Short
Junmoni Devi Khaund (India), Pakhi Loga Mon – The Wings of Mind, Women Filmmakers
Katheryn Sanchez (USA), The Top of the Hill, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Kyle Bell (USA), The Little Brother of War, Cherokee Stickball, Documentary Short
Lin Ziyan (China), The Intangible, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Nick Ferraro (USA), The Confession, Actor: Leading (Nick Ferraro as Joey)
Rebekah Burrows (Bahamas), Ad Meliora, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Séamus Miller (USA), The Infection, Film Short, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Stephen James Thomas (USA), Piñata, Film Short
Ted Leonard (USA), The Hall, Film Short
Tony Idarraga and Ellen Wang, California College of the Arts (USA), Nyan To Five, Animation (Student)
Wojciech Zielinski (Canada), One Night Stand, Actor: Leading (Matthew Sauvé as Travis)

award of merit wordsAlberto Martín–Aragón (Spain), Why?, Experimental
Alexandra Dybvig (USA), Fortunate Meeting, Film Short
Alexia Garcia del Rio (USA), A Land Where Children Play, Jewish (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Ali Mehdi (Pakistan), Kachrachi, Film Short
Ali Rosenthal (USA), The Ice Queen Society, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Aly Mang (USA), Roaring Tides, Women Filmmakers
Ama MacDonald (USA), The Psalm of Life, Experimental
Ana Maria Estrada (Peru), This happened to you…?/ Esto le paso a Usted…?, Latin / Hispanic
Andrea Beça (Canada), We All Believe in You, Documentary Short
Anna Prichard (France), Divided We Dance, Documentary Short
Anne Lewis (USA), Finding The Balance, Documentary Short
Anthony Gibson (USA), Weird Valley, Film Short
Antony Stone (South Africa), Fracked, Film Short, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Ariana Feiner (USA), A Story of Courage, Disability Issues, Women Filmmakers
Austin Chunn (USA), Intolerant, Television – Pilot Program
Bradley Dunn (USA), Tick, Actor: Leading (Adam Miller as Adam), Actress: Supporting (Wendy Chamorro as Jess), Film Short
Carlo Furgeri Gilbert, Niccolò Rastrelli and Marzio Mirabella (Italy), Playground Addiction, Documentary Short
Cate Celso (USA), King of the Road, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Chantalle Todd, Frosted Lens Entertainment (USA), Broken Lilies, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Chien-Ni Yang (USA), Milk Tea, Actress: Leading (Chen Liang Tong as Hsuan)
Chloe Campos (USA), THE DOVES, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Christopher Martini (USA), Just in Time, Film Short, Latin / Hispanic
Cynthia Cherry (USA), Meanwhile…, Film Short
Dieter Michael Grohmann (Austria), When I was 5 or 6 years old, Experimental
Dilip Khatri (USA), The Wilshire Grand Story: Tech Talk, Documentary Short, Educational / Instructional / Training
Eva Talksss (Luxembourg), High Speed, Film Short and Frozen Heart, Women Filmmakers
Fabrice Chiambretto (France), Hallowed (Mistigri), Disability Issues
Frank S. Petrilli (USA), Within and Without, Original Score (Within and Without composed by Evan Evans)


Grady Gazenski (USA), Sunnydale, Film Short
Heather Fink (USA), Sosi, Film Short
Heather Waters (Australia), You Were Chosen, Movie Trailer
Ian Rayburn and Christopher Pirri (Canada), Memories, Film Short
Independent Institute (USA), Love Gov 2: A Crisis Not to Waste, Actor: Supporting (Kevin Olliff as Sam), Actress: Supporting (Katie Janner as Katie)
Ingrid Holmquist and Sana A. Malik (USA), Guanajuato Norte, Documentary Short (Student)
Jack Saxon (USA), Tunkapasula, Film Short (Student)
Jackson Little (USA), Static, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Jay Cofield (USA), Aldrich, Henry’s Hometown, Documentary Short
Jeriel Yordan, Regent University (USA), Incomparable, Film Short (Student)
Jessie Ryah (Luxembourg), Shedding the Veil of Pain, Film Short
Jiayi Li (USA), My Declaration, Film Short
Johannes S. Beals (USA), The Incident, Film Short
Jonathon Ferino (USA), Living, Film Short (Student)
Juan Pablo Rojas (Guatemala), DESDE NUESTRO MUXU´X, Latin / Hispanic
Justin Bedard, Burke Cullinane and Angelo Paleologos (USA), Trigger, Music Video (Student)
Karlinette Galván López (USA), In your memory, Latin / Hispanic (Student)
Kat Silvia (USA), Mr. Chow’s, Women Filmmakers
Kenhalo Bernet (USA), The Glass, Women Filmmakers
Lindsay O’Keefe (USA), Alive Day, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Luis Ismael (Portugal), The Nun’s Kaddish, Film Short, Jewish
Lukas Lane (USA), First Time, Actor: Supporting (Student) (Mason Greenberg as Humphrey), Actress: Leading (Student) (Eliana Yeager as Courtney), Film Short (Student)
Lyle Gibson (USA), The American Dream, Our Dream, Documentary Short
Madeleine White (USA), CAT, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Madeline Vail (USA), Crimson Cuffs, Film Short
Mark Easley (USA), The Eagle Has Landed, Music Video
Marlee Draper (USA), The “Red Wave” Trailer, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Mauraya Sharma (India), Unbinding, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Max Masri and Chelsea Eng (USA), A Non Binary Story: Reencuentro, LGBT
Mazen Adel and Mohammed Yehia (USA), The Birth, Experimental, Islamic
Melie Williams and David M Gutel (USA), Hello Realtor, Web Series


Nancy Safavi (USA), Nothing to See, Women Filmmakers
Natasha Raj Mehta (India), Unaltered, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Nate Irvin (USA), The One, Film Short
Nick Epstein (New Zealand), Die Like A Shark (Me Mate Ururoa), Actress: Supporting (Laura Thompson as Emma Otini)
Nick Ferraro (USA), The Confession, Film Short
Nicol Eilers (USA), VEIL, Film Short
Noah Semeria (USA), Discoveries: Awakening, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Paul A Mortsolf (USA), Rest Stop, Film Short
Peter Magát (United Kingdom), Wee King of Nowhere, Film Short
Philip Kan Gotanda and Chelsea Eng (USA), TANGO BODY ~ A LOVE STORY, Disability Issues
Pillow Talksss (Luxembourg), What’s Behind the Mask, Women Filmmakers
Renata Kijowska (Poland), On the Top Tyrryry, Documentary Short
Rhiannan Falshaw-Skelly (United Kingdom), Duty’s Veil, Web Series
Richard Israel (USA), Into Light, Actor: Leading (Jimmy Marino as Charlie), Actress: Leading (Sarah Busic as Beth), Film Short
Robert Grabow and Corinne Schneider (USA), Method, Film Short (Student)
Robin Wang (USA), The Gift of Winter, LGBT, Direction, Editing, Sound Editing / Sound Mixing
Rod Lopez (USA), The Arrangement, Film Short
Roman Bataev (Russia), Ferris Wheel, Film Short
Ronnie Gonzalez (USA), Love Siempre Es…, Web Series (Student)
Ruksiri Thongpaen (Thailand), Sweet Sorrow, Film Short (Student)
Sean Leviashvili and Stephen Riscica (USA), LIMP, Disability Issues
Sebastian Sabal Bruce (USA), Spiral Walk, Experimental
Sharwin Samant (USA), Sight, Music Video (Student)
Storry (Canada), Up, Music Video
Students of The 2019 Institute for Documentary Filmmaking (USA), All The Rage, Documentary Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
The Bens (Matthew Benson + Ben Levin) (USA), Getting Hot, Music Video
Thomas Bernos (USA), WANDERBOY, Film Short
Tori Taylor (USA), salted flour, Women Filmmakers
Ty Sheetz, Regent University (USA), The 97th Companion, Film Short (Student)
Upasana Dutta (India), The Baby Dove, Animation
Venetia Ellis (USA), Lost in Übersetzung, Animation (Student)
Veronica Maccari (USA), polly pocket, Women Filmmakers
Yiorgos Tzivelekis (Greece), Smile it ®, Disability Issues, Film Short
Yvonne Heald (United Kingdom), No Ladies Please, Film Short
Zane Tabari (USA), Bending in the Wind, Christian

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