Winners Award of Recognition March 2016

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Award of Recognition360 Digital Studios/Joel P. Schneider (USA), Bum’n Baltimore, Television – Pilot Program
Abigail Garcia (USA), MATCH.KOM, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Alyssa Carter (USA), Sing About It, Film Short (Student)
Amy Russo (USA), Racing The Sunrise, Film Short (Student)
Andre Jesequel (USA), Ericka’s Story:  A Case of Human Trafficking, Special Purpose Productions
Aneta Panek  (Germany), Tarot-Reading, Film Short
Anthony Harrimen (USA), Long Ride Home, Film Short
Anthony L. Mariani (USA), Don’t You Forget About Me!, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Alina Phelan as Ashley), Actor: Leading (Richard Oliver as Uncle Ruben), Script / Writer
Armine Vosganian (Romania), The Lovage Bundle, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Berin Tuzlić (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Requiem for Pinocchio, Animation
Błażej Jankowiak (Poland), Eternal, Music Video
Bonnie L. Moore, Marana tha Ministries, Inc and Tim Savage, Accelerator Films (USA), Yehudah, Christian
Bridger Hart and Patrick Verdeja, Orange County School of the Arts (USA), Wolf, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Carlo Maximilian Speidel (Switzerland), Pablo Nouvelle feat. Sam Wills – I Will (Official Music Video), Music Video
Christianna Hannum Miller (USA), Goodnight Ladies, Documentary Short
Christopher H.K. Lee (USA), I am Grace, Documentary Short
Claire M. Andreae (USA), ATTO: An Adventure in the Amazon, Documentary Short (Student)
David Wardrick (USA), District of Comedia, Film Short
Drono Acharya (India), UndRAPE, Experimental
Elena Morando (Switzerland), The eighth step, Women Filmmakers
Emily Reas (USA), Blindsided, Actress: Leading (Student) (Emily Reas as Fox), Asian American (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Guy Bordin and Renaud De Putter (Belgium), The Northern Houses, Documentary Short
J.A. Steel (USA), Death Key:  Origins, Film Short
Javier Porragas (Canada), The Job Interview, Film Short (Student)
Jonathan Todd Ross (USA), The Universe of Scotch and Haagen-Dazs, Film Short

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Jordan Dove (USA), Scatter Bolt, Actress: Leading (Student) (Lindsey McMenamin as Mikaela Branch)
Josh Downing (USA), I’m Just There, Film Short (Student)
Judy Weintraub (USA), Life On The Bridge, Disability Issues
Kelly Goodner (USA), The Long Arm of the Leprecon, Women Filmmakers
Kevin Ta and Ben Lettieri (United Kingdom), Kung Fu Redemption, Film Short
Kirsty Griffin, Vivienne Kernick (New Zealand), Wayne, Disability Issues
Klement Tinaj (USA), Escaping the Gang Life, Actor: Supporting (Roman Xing (Xing, Han) as Rod), Film Short, Asian American and Last Chance, Actor: Leading (Klement Tinaj as Leo)
Lisa Linke (USA), DOG MOMS, Webisode
Lorenzo Lanzillotti (USA), The Nutcracker Princess, Film Short
Louis Liebert (France), Over and over, Film Short (Student)
M.H. Cameron Barrett (USA), Older Adult Fire Safety, Public Service Programming / PSA
Majd Nassif (Russia), The Dying Light, Film Short
Maria Gabriela Cardenas (USA), The Grand Guignol, Actress: Leading (Student) (Emily Elicia Low as Mary Ann Milland), Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student), Actor: Leading (Student) (Oscar Cardenas as Steven)
Marie Bakke and Ines Gerber (USA and Hong Kong), Too Small to Swing a Cat, Documentary Short (Student)
Mario Garza (USA), GORDITOS, Animation
Mark Kurlyandchik (USA), The Homeless Beat, Documentary Short
Mark Todd Bruner (USA), The Mystic, Film Short
Mark Wiznitzer (USA), My Unplanned Life, Jewish
Martin Ponferrada (Australia), Trashed After Death, Documentary Short
Matt Vance (USA), Lunch, Film Short
Max Rogers (United Kingdom), The Red Pillow, Film Short
Miroslav Nincic (USA), Waking Up Alive, Documentary Short
Mohammed Jassim and Ibrahim Albuainain (Qatar), Mata Alwusol, Animation
Molly Benjaminson (USA), Terranaut, LGBT (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Mostafa Sheshtawy (Qatar), Immortalizing Memories, Documentary Short
Nadia Talel (USA), Shit Head Monica, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)

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Nasim Bowlus (USA), This Path, Documentary Short (Student)
Oleg Finodeyev (USA), Shark Whisperer, Documentary Short
Ozlem Ayse Ozgur (USA), Home Is In the Heart, Documentary Short, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Paula Saslow (USA), DIABLO, Latin / Hispanic, Cinematography, Direction, Actor: Leading (Armando Rey as Gabriel), Actor: Supporting (Xavier Andre Galindo as Angel), Women Filmmakers
Phil D’Asaro (USA), Death of Del Paso, Documentary Short
Precious King (USA), The Red Barn, Film Short
Ri Versteegh (USA), Lonely Lil, Web / Internet Programming
Ron Harner (USA), The Tardy Boys, Web Series
Scotch Ellis Loring (USA), Faux Show, Webisode
Sneha Shrotri (USA), Unfathomable Reality, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Stephanie Mankins (USA), Do You Hear What I Hear?, Documentary Short
Sy Patnode (USA), Gold Diggers, Women Filmmakers (Student)
T. Greg Merrion (USA), Jammies, Teeth, Prayers & Bed, Animation
Tara-Nicole Azarian (USA), The Golden Plates, Actor: Supporting (Student) (Tara-Nicole Azarian as Buffy)
Thomas Goltz (USA), On Aggregate: Champions Without A Home, Film Short
Truss-Outlen Pictures (USA), Schema, Television – Pilot Program
Vic Roxas (USA), Sleepwalk, Film Short
Victor Cova Correa (France), THE ROSA’S PENCIL SHARPENER, Film Short
Wells Watson (USA), Over Again, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Weronika Mliczewska (Poland), Speechless in Japan, Documentary Short
Ying Yuen (USA), Silent Friends (Chenmo De Pengyou), Women Filmmakers
Zeki Basan (United Kingdom), In the Spirit of John Muir, Documentary Short (Student)
Zizi Rincolisky (Belgium), The Other woman’, Zizi’s dream, Women Filmmakers

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