Award of Merit December 2022

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Award of Merit Special Mention

Alicia Hayes (USA), PRIPYAT, Script / Writer
Blake Vaz (USA), L.U.N.A., Latin / Hispanic
Brett A. Hart (USA), Christmas Next Year, Music Video
Carmen Chan (USA), Torn, Asian, Film Short
Daria Vorobeva (Russia), Prima, Film Short (Student), Actress: Leading (Student) (Natalia Baller as Marina)
David Joseph Higgins (USA), Loved, Actor: Leading (Joseph Sernio as Harold)
David Trotter (USA), Peeled: Cooking up Compassion, Television – Pilot Program
Gimante Nichols (USA), Toxicity, Script / Writer (Russell Brackett and Gimante Nichols)
James Stewart (Canada), Chateau Laurier, Season 2, Actor: Leading (Luke Humphrey as Vivian), Actress: Leading Kate Ross Leckie as Hattie)
Katie Goodman (USA), The Karens, Actress: Leading (Danielle Cohn as Not-Karen Karen)
Katie Moorehead (USA), Break, Film Short
Leigh Reddick (USA), 3:14, Women Filmmakers (Student), Direction (Student)


Lesley Coleman (Australia), Home Truths, Ensemble Cast, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Luca Massimiliano Pizzoleo (USA), In the Valley of the Moon, Actor: Supporting (Ryan Emilio Molina as Mark)
Mahtab Pishghadam (Iran), Suite Night, Asian
Margarita Faneitte (Spain), VIRIUM, Direction
Patrick Guthrie (USA), RugbyTown, Reality Programming
Ron Davis (USA), Dawn: A Charleston Legend, Documentary Short
Rosa Nichols (USA), ENSURE, Editing
T.J. Penton (USA), Generosity, Women Filmmakers
ValOne (France), The Last Star, Animation
Veronica Nichols (USA), Perspectives, Actress: Leading (Jasmine Brown as Valentina) Actor: Leading (Mike Merrill as Cole), Actor: Supporting (Christian Howard as Sam), Actress: Supporting (Ahsanna Bri as Kimber), Direction
Zelong Liu (China), Lost mother, Children / Family Programming (Student)

award of merit words

Ali Sadeghian (Iran), BIRTH OF TWO DEPARTEDS, Film Short
Andrew Brown (USA), Angelo’s, Commercial / Infomercial
Andy Yi Li (USA), After Sunset, Dawn arrives, Actor: Supporting (Student) (Todd Lien as Ken)
Anitra Nelson (Australia), Beyond Money: Yenomon, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Beni Garrido (Switzerland), Earth (ARDA), Music Video
Bodhi J.W. Rutledge (Canada), Numinous, Film Short
Brad Hillwig (USA), The Purpose of Song, Documentary Short
Brandon Davis (USA), Coal Blooded, Documentary Short, Editing
Bryan Michael Block (USA), EnVeive, Film Short
Carlo D’Amore (USA), Mamita, Actress: Leading (Paola Nuñez as Mamita), Latin / Hispanic
Charles Billot (USA), Ghost, Music Video
Chris Carpenter (USA), Connor’s Cake, Editing


Christian Cordeaux (USA), Black Moms at Risk: The Dark secret of the U.S., Documentary Short, Liberation / Social Justice, Script / Writer (Bianca Dickerson-Williams), Women Filmmakers, African American (Bianca Dickerson-Williams)
Craig Oty (USA), Psyche Obscura, Experimental
Derek Johnson (USA), My Molly, Film Short
Devin Gillis (USA), Oopsy Daisy, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Eugene Yoo (USA), Street Chess; Community, Care, and Competition, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Fousseyni Maiga (Mali), SEVEN, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Garrett Glassell (USA), Snapped, Film Short
Gimante Nichols (USA), Toxicity, Film Short
Golnaz Jamsheed (Iran), Pregnant, Women Filmmakers
Graham Northrup (USA), Stand Up – Short Comedy, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Maura Beth Fawley as Sal Colton)


Ivan Drudi (Spain), The Trip of Life – Episode 1: Racism, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
JC-WISE (Hong Kong), Along with the Rivers, Documentary Short, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
J. Z. Murdock (USA), Pvt. Ravel’s Bolero, Experimental
James Stewart (Canada), Chateau Laurier, Season 2, Actress: Supporting (Brittany Raymond as Violet Moore)
Jason Kelly Lee (USA), Sticks and Stones, Film Short, Direction, Cinematography
Jason Zi Jun Yueh (Hong Kong), Moon Thieves, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Jey Wagner (USA), You’re What Matters (feat. Belle Nuntita), Music Video
Joe Chilcott (USA), Argyle Christmas, Music Video
Joel Guevara (USA), Cogela, Music Video (Student)
Joseph Galizia (USA), Bella Y Cedro, Film Short
Julia Tutko-Balena (USA), Guidance, Actress: Leading (Nicky Lowney as Hope), Actress: Supporting (Julia Tutko-Balena as Faith), Direction, Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Script / Writer (Julia Tutko-Balena)
Kevin Holik (USA), Televoir, Film Short


Khazar Pourahmadi (Iran), monochrome, Film Short
Leigh Reddick (USA), 3:14, Actress: Leading (Student) (Lorraine May Isbell as Penny)
Lesley Coleman (Australia), Home Truths, Editing, Women Filmmakers
Lili Giacobino (United Kingdom), Living with Double Vision,  An Artist’s Journey with Diplopia, Documentary Short
María Yolanda Brown Melián and Kevin Ramos Fernández (Spain), Los Aspirantes -The Applicants-, Television – Pilot Program
Maya Peters (USA), Teddy Hugger, Experimental (Student)
Nick Stanchev (Bulgaria), AM I NOT MY BROTHERS’ KEEPER?, Film Short
Paolo Marzocchi (Italy), Il Sacrificio Della Natura, Direction, Film Short
Phil Gioja (USA), Driven to Help, Nonprofit / Fundraising
Qian Zhou (China), SINKING, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Rani Khanna (United Kingdom), More Than Blood, Educational / Instructional / Training
Raymond Chai (United Kingdom), Monoi Mazi (Alone Together), Ensemble Cast, Entertainment / Drama / Dance / Variety


Riley Cecil Taggart (USA), THREESOME, Film Short
Robert Patriarca (USA), Life’s Better Protected, Direction, Ensemble Cast, Script / Writer (Robert Patriarca)
Rosa Nichols (USA), ENSURE, Women Filmmakers
Rossano B. Maniscalchi (Italy), The Key to Heaven, Narration / Voiceover Talent (Duane March), Art Direction (Serena Del Nero)
Sabrina Dubner (USA), I Hate Summer, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Sasha Nelson (USA), Fish Out Of Water, Actress: Leading (Shannon Amiry as Lorelei)
Silvester Zwaneveld (Netherlands), The One, Animation, Editing
Tanja Blume (Poland), NADIA, Actress: Leading (Alexandra Alicia Broniec as Maya), Direction, Script / Writer (Tanja Blume), Women Filmmakers, Dramatic Impact
Terry Ross (USA), A Chateau in the Loire, Women Filmmakers
Tyson R. Hunsaker (USA), Queen to H4, Film Short
Vanessa Nilsson (USA), A Polar Bear Story, Animation
Wonjin Lee (Korea), Hole, Experimental, LGBTQ+
World Surf League (USA), We Are One Ocean 2022 Impact, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Documentary Short
Xin Jiang (USA), Good Match Bad Date, Actor: Supporting (Student) (Aaron Daniel Ratnayeke as Jake)
Yaw Obrenu Yamoah (Canada), Caroline, Film Short
Zef Cota (USA), Makina, Direction, Ensemble Cast, Film Short, Script / Writer

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