Award of Recognition December 2022

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Award of RecognitionAdrian Suknjov (Austria), Living Portrait of Adrian Suknjov, Experimental (Student), Concept (Student)
Adriana Davis (USA), Dancing Without Steps: The Art of Improvisation with Margaret Beals, Educational / Instructional / Training
Andrew Justvig (USA), Eric’s Dad, Disability Issues
Bannon Brody (USA), As Deep Can Be, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Brad Banacka (USA), More…More…More…, Actor: Leading (Brad Banacka as Joe), Film Short
Bri Kaisen, Matthew Humphrey and Mary McKeon, Hollins University (USA), Bless Your Heart, Script / Writer (Bri Kaisen, Michael Greenwald and Ian Deleon)
Cade Coulson (USA), Alone, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Camille Sharon (USA), The Lola LaRue Variety Show, Actress: Leading (Diana Costa as Lola LaRue)
Catherine Phillips (United Kingdom), Winter Lockdown, LGBTQ+
Cathy Fiorillo and Steve Kwasnik (USA), QUIRKS, Actress: Leading (Cathy Fiorillo as Cathy Singly), Film Short, Women Filmmakers (Cathy Fiorillo), Actor: Supporting (Kevin Kraft as Bradley)
Chris Arnold (USA), A Day At The Beach, Film Short (Student), Direction (Student), Editing (Student), LGBTQ+ (Student)
Dale Sonnenberg (USA), The Story of Marit in the White World, Disability Issues
Darice Polo (USA), Nature Boy, Latin / Hispanic

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Derek Johnson (USA), My Molly, Actor: Leading (Mike Daruler as Ron), Actress: Supporting (Audrey Wooster as Dr Daugherty), Actress: Leading (Grace Brown as Molly)
Dez Migh5h (United Kingdom), Debt. A prisoner in your own home, Film Short
Di Yi (China), The Story of the Opera, Children / Family Programming
Frank Vespe (USA), LEAVE THE CANNOLI, Public Service Programming / PSA, Creativity / Originality
Garry Michael Kluger (USA), Nutz & Boltz, Script / Writer (Garry Michael Kluger), Ensemble Cast
Gavin Hunter Checchi (USA), The Last Homerun, Disability Issues, Documentary Short
Iola Nguyen (United Kingdom), THE DORMANT TRUTH, Women Filmmakers, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Ishara Mathews (USA), re- + flect?, “again I bend, I curve”, Women Filmmakers
J. Z. Murdock (USA), Pvt. Ravel’s Bolero, Documentary Short
Jake A Yun (USA), Escape, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
James C. Boyd (USA), Guilt, Actor: Leading (James C. Boyd as James), Experimental
James Chen (Taiwan), Energy for the 7 brothers, Webisode
Jarret Liotta (USA), SMALL TOWN MOVIE, Film Short
Ji Lee (USA), A Humming Cloud, Women Filmmakers (Student), Editing (Student)

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Jonathan Kinch (United Kingdom), LOT______, Experimental
Kamil Jękot (Poland), Icebreaker, Film Short, Direction
Klara Chmelarova (Czech Republic), Backwater, Script / Writer
Luciano Giardino (Argentina), Joaquín my Cousin, Disability Issues
Magi Avila (USA), STREET LIVING, Television – Pilot Program
Meredith Esquivel (USA), To Be Like You, Women Filmmakers
Michael Hill (USA), SmallTown Outsiders Episode 2 – PizzaScape, Television – Program Series
Michael Omodi (USA), Glass Mouth, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Miles Abraham Broadhead (USA), Cookie Wars: Sugar Cookie Edition, Television – Pilot Program, Web Series
Nayla Singleton (USA), Witchcraft For Dummies, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Nick Stanchev (Bulgaria), AM I NOT MY BROTHERS’ KEEPER?, Actress: Supporting (Rossi Itoff as Sofia)
Nicolae Bogdan Groza (USA), The Corridor, Script / Writer
Phil Ipsan (USA), I Love the Jews, Music Video

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Rajkumar John (Australia), Who is Larry, Film Short
Riocam (USA), Drive to Kill, Film Short
Roman Mitichyan (USA), Brothers till the End, Film Short
Rora Wightman (USA), Death Follows Us, Film Short (Student)
Roxana Mares (Canada), The Healer’s Dream, Documentary Short, History / Biographical
Sabrina Dubner (USA), The Last Sighting, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Shihyun Wang (USA), A Fight I did not Pick On, Narration / Voiceover Talent (Randy Montrey)
Sophia Hlavac (USA), Jilly Goats Gruff, Children / Family Programming (Student)
Steve Rahter (USA), The Rapture Dad-venture, Children / Family Programming
Tamara Pomponio (USA), The Meeting, Film Short, Ensemble Cast
Tyler Appian (USA), Dark Web, Film Short, Script / Writer
Zave D (USA), The Cuddleverse Animation Short Film, Animation
Zhi Dong (Germany), Sonographie, Animation (Student), Liberation / Social Justice  (Student)

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