Award of Merit June 2021

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Award of Merit Special Mention

Andy Maycock (USA), THE BEST MAN’S PRIVILEGE, Cinematography (Anthony Salamone)
Brandon Lopez (USA), Honey Drop, Animation (Student)
Camila Roson (USA), Los Días de Nuestro Futuro (The Days of Our Future), Latin / Hispanic
Carter Stoudt (USA), The Liberty Bell and The Assembly of Freedom, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, History / Biographical (Student)
Danielle Wheeler (USA), Bound, Public Service Programming / PSA
Jonathan Jude, Red Snow Productions Ltd and Sonita Gale, Galeforce Films (United Kingdom), Happy Epidemic, Web Series
Josh Carone (USA), Don’t Be the Lakers, Film Short
Justin Bromley (Canada), Persist, Film Short
Kurt Hale (USA), The Stranger, Christian
Leo Zhang (USA), Remind Me, Children / Family Programming (Student)
Lia WU (Australia), It’s All a Game, Women Filmmakers
Manny Soto (USA), A NEW DAWN, Documentary Short, Latin / Hispanic
Maria Trimarco Luskay, Lou Guarneri, Christopher Sinise, Alek Zawadski and Brian McDermot, Pace University (USA), Bee Aware, Documentary Short (Student)
Mark Adderley (United Kingdom), The Gangbuster, Actor: Leading (Oscar Clitheroe as Oscar), Children / Family Programming, Film Short
Michel Garcia and Mathilde Saint-Arroman (France), Believe, Documentary Short
Ruth Beni and Daniel Greaves (United Kingdom), All Of Our Shadows, Children / Family Programming, Women Filmmakers
Salma Azzam (United Arab Emirates), Where’s Lucy?, Women Filmmakers, Actress: Leading (Eva Petersson as Lucy)
Sean Gregory Tansey (Greece), The Pathos of Hamlet, Actor: Leading (Sean Gregory Tansey as Hamlet)
Stephanie West (USA), Revenge, Inc., Actress: Leading (Dianna Craig as Meredith, The Agent)
Tamara Sheri Johnson (USA), Black Girl Magic, Film Short
Todd Long (USA), Trusting Chloe, Television – Pilot Program
Wilson Mbiavanga (USA), Safu – Funge and Sashimi, Asian, Webisode
Yuwei Du, Chuanqi Liang and Zefan Wang (USA), Mountain, Asian (Student)

award of merit words

AJ Wone (USA), DiaTribe: From The Village To The Streets, Documentary Short, African American
Alexander Deland, Jr. (USA), On the Sidewalk, at Night, Actor: Leading (Student) (Misha Brooks as Lucas), Film Short (Student), Direction (Student) (Alexander Deland, Jr.), Script / Writer (Student) (Alexander Deland, Jr.)
Amanda Hanna-McLeer and Wyonna Rutledge (USA), It’s Time!, African American, Women Filmmakers
Anthony Anderson (USA), We Hold These Truths To Be, Public Service Programming / PSA
Anthony Thurman (USA), The Depression of Detective Downs 2: On Depression’s Edge, Disability Issues
BONZIE (USA), alone, Music Video
Brooke Smiley (USA), Lifelines, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Carlyn Hudson (USA), The Worst Critic, Experimental
Carter Cavanaugh (USA), Apparition, LGBT (Student), Film Short (Student)
Chowdhury Asif Jahangir Arko (Bangladesh), LAST WISH, Film Short
Chris Yates (USA), Fabric Softener, African American
Christopher Michael Roybal (USA), Hautism and Wilderwood, Disability Issues
Cynthia Crofoot and Monica Mustelier (Canada), Compliant, Women Filmmakers, Film Short
Dana Dajani and Rami Kanso (United Kingdom), Caged Bird, Animation
Daniel Mecher (USA), Building Rosie, Documentary Short
Danielle Wheeler (USA), Bound, Women Filmmakers
Dennis Edwards (Canada), Oh Christmas, Film Short


Dimphy van Vilsteren (Canada), Outcast, Actress: Leading (Student) (Meis Versteegh as Chloe), Film Short (Student), Cinematography (Student) (Ties Versteegh)
Elena Bondarenko (Russia), The Deals, Women Filmmakers
Ellis Jamal Sutton (USA), Little Drummer Boy, African American, Film Short, Cinematography (Yorgos Tzoytzoyrakos)
Erin Bergin and Darby Kate Snyder (USA), Symfaunic, Animation (Student), Original Score (Student) (Symfaunic Musical Score composed by Dane Bryant Frazier)
Francisco Alday (Germany), Nicaragua: Lord, Grant Us Peace, Documentary Short
Giorgi Tkemaladze (USA), The Birds, Children / Family Programming
Grace Fisher (USA), A Critter Fable, Disability Issues
Hongying Chen, Pratt Institute (USA), Return, Animation (Student)
Irej Hydary (Sweden), Empty Frame, Film Short, Disability Issues
Ivan D. Ossa (Canada), In Other News, Actor: Leading (Student) (Jephthe Beljour as Isaac), African American (Student) (Ivan D. Ossa), Cinematography (Student) (Brandon Kenney)
Jack Linsdell (United Kingdom)
, Solitary, Actor: Supporting (Adam Gammage as Jimmy), Film Short
Jan Johnson Goldberger (USA), Stone Mansion, Women Filmmakers
Jash Shah (India), Hidden, Film Short (Student), Web Tube Length Video (Student)
Jason Boegh and Antonio Miros (USA), OUTDATED, Television – Program Series, Ensemble Cast
Jeff Huang (USA), Impact, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Jeremy Carr (USA), Moments, Actor: Leading (Jeremy Carr as Murphy), Film Short
Job Michiel van Zuijlen (USA), It Was Only a Dream, Animation, Web Tube Length Video
Jon Osaki (USA), Reparations, African American, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest



Jordan Wallace (USA), Half Empty, Film Short
Josh McCartney (United Kingdom), Heartbeat Bangs – Tep No & KT Tunstall, Music Video
Kalliope Barlis (USA), Kalliope’s From Fear to Freedom, Documentary Short, Educational / Instructional / Training, Film Short, Reality Programming, Women Filmmakers
Kim Drake (USA), Navigate, Film Short, Art Direction
Linda Kay Leonard (USA), Hide Your Love Away, Disability Issues
Mark Boston (United Kingdom), Wake, Experimental
Mark D. Rose (USA), Alaska Long Hunters 44, Christian
Mark Lickona (USA), This is the Night, Christian
Martin Jason Asprey (USA), Bicycle Pump, Film Short (Student)
Masatoshi Hasegawa (Japan), Eraser, Asian, Film Short, Cinematography
Michael W. Dodge (USA), Second Story, Film Short
Michal Zadok (USA), SILVER, Animation (Student)
Mira Z. Amiras, Something Will Emerge Productions (USA), The Day before Creation, Jewish
Mohamad Sadeq Esmaeili (Iran), Adoor, Documentary Short
Nahreen Tarzi (USA), FIRST GENS, Movie Trailer, Women Filmmakers
Rajesh Gupta (India), Chaddie Buddies, Film Short
Randall Blaum and Stephen Brotebeck (USA), Sharing the Love, Film Short
Ritendra Datta (USA), This Day That Year, Asian, Film Short



Roy Mazzagate III (USA), The Dec1sion, Christian
Ryan Famulari (USA), Last Words, Film Short
San (USA), Canopy of Wings, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Sean Hagwell and Tammy Hyler (USA), WAY BACK IN THE WOODS, Actress: Leading (Hallie Rose as Hallie Walker), Actress: Supporting (Abby Glover as Abbie Walker), Television – Pilot Program, Actress: Supporting (Student) (Alexis Ebert as Cassie Walker)
Sean Tien (Taiwan), Traditional Drag, Asian, LGBT
Severn (USA), Inner Peace, Experimental (Student)
Sledge (USA), un•bind, African American
Stephanie King (Australia), Voices of the River, Web Series, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Susan Hillary (USA), The PRATT in the HAT, Women Filmmakers
Teresa Picciano, Picci Productions (Canada), Mate & Date, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Terri DeBono (USA), My Name is Belle, Women Filmmakers
Todd Long (USA), Trusting Chloe, Actress: Leading (Natalia Noriega as Esperanza)
Tom Chiappetta (USA), Far From Home: The Steve Dalkowski Story, Documentary Short, Sports
Tyson Hunsaker (USA), Caleb and the Perfect Order of Things, Documentary Short
Vincent Auletta (Switzerland), The Destiny is not Written, Film Short
Wayne Hazle (USA), The Jubilee Cake, Film Short, African American
Zubair Pradhan (Canada), The World’s Greatest Home, Animation (Student), Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery (Student)

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