Award of Recognition June 2021

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Award of RecognitionA.J. Kamdar (USA), Nadia Mejia’s (2016 Miss California)  AI Driven Interactive Food Film, Commercial / Infomercial
Aaron Van Maanen (USA), Grizzly, Film Short
Adam Nelson (USA), Lemon., Actor: Leading (Adam Nelson)
Adrian Baluta (Romania), Yellow, Animation
Adrian D. Aguaristi (USA), Blossom Hill, Film Short
Alan J. Chriest (USA), Acceptance, Disability Issues
Alanna Crouch and Keira Crouch (United Kingdom), Princess Emma, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Alexander Deland, Jr. (USA), On the Sidewalk, at Night, Actress: Leading (Student) (Austen Danielle Bohmer as Daphne), Set Design (Student) (Alexander Deland, Jr.), Sound Editing / Sound Mixing  (Student) (Andrea Bella, Michael Feuser and Lucas Feuser)
Andrea Grieder (Switzerland), Un-domestication, Women Filmmakers
Anthony Caruso (USA), The Home Play or, In The Son It’s Nice, Experimental
Anthony Thurman (USA), The Depression of Detective Downs 2: On Depression’s Edge, Animation, Creativity / Originality, Actor: Supporting (Jose Rosete as Dedrick James), Editing
Ariana Jalia (USA), Family and ME, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Actress: Leading (Ariana Jalia as Abby)
bellopropello (Switzerland), the game just got real, Animation
Ben McHugh (USA), Big Bear, Film Short
BiLan Liao (USA), An Artist’s Journey from China to America, Women Filmmakers
Bo Apostolache (USA), POLES: A BIPOLAR STORY, Disability Issues
Bobby Adams and Bryan Ashford (USA), Do It Yerself Dewey/Sweet on Dewey, Web Series, Webisode (S1 E9)
Boyzie Mathis (USA), Heaven’s Gate, African American

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Canyon Clark (USA), The Rope, Film Short
Chantal Lorang (Luxembourg), The seaside is our home, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Mobile / Cell Phone Media
Chelsea Cook and Bryan McDaniels (USA), Lemonade: Making The Most of What You Have, Film Short
Chris Weng (USA), Remi Wonder – Energy Vs Covid 19, Asian
Christopher Corey Smith (USA), Toy Therapy: Your Childhood Has Issues, Web Series
Christopher R. Owens and Alyssa Dann (USA), GEORGE FLOYD: SAY THEIR NAMES, African American, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Cornell Ousley Jr and Nana Akenten-Busia (USA), Requiem for a Welterweight, Actor: Leading (Student) (CJ Ousley as Harlan)
Dash (Netherlands), Presence of Absences, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
David Simpatico (USA), doubleplusgood, Web Tube Length Video
Deborah Slater and Mark Leialoha (USA), My Life Was the Size of My Life, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Deepak Paida (USA), THE MEAL MAKER, Film Short
Delilah Andre (USA), White Dove: The Origin, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Derick Thomas (USA), Loyalites, African American
Dillon Heinrich (USA), Shakedown, Script / Writer
Dr. Melissa Caudle (USA), The Creek Dweller in the Bayou, Script / Writer
Dwayne Joe (USA), Big Sister Rug, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Erin Naifeh (USA), Something In The Water, Music Video
Ernest Bow (United Kingdom), Disabled Warriors, Disability Issues
Ernie Berger (USA), Fear of Flying, Animation, Children / Family Programming
Ethan Roberts (USA), Getting Closer, LGBT

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EveNSteve Schaub (USA), Chapter Three: In Which The Past Becomes The Future, But Only In The Best Possible Way, Experimental
Gillian Velmer and Trent Barrick (USA), The International Aphasia Choir presents: What a Wonderful World, Disability Issues, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Giovanni Panozzo (Italy), Impegnarsi perché si avveri – La CISL, il Sindacato, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Grace Fisher (USA), A Critter Fable, Animation, Women Filmmakers
Halil İbrahim Bağdatlı (Turkey), The Trouble Inside Me “My Life …”, Documentary Short
Harrie Verstappen (Curaçao), Edgar Palm en Otrabanda, Documentary Short
Heath Dunbar (USA), Highlighter*, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Irene Antonucci (Italy), 2020 Fuori Moda, Documentary Short
Isaac Bush (USA), BOJ the movie, Disability Issues
Jack Linsdell (United Kingdom), Solitary, Dramatic Impact
Jacqueline Kennedy (USA), 1 Out of 8, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Jay Pennington (USA), SENIOR DISCOUNT’d, Christian
Jim Wang (Taiwan), Remi Wonders – The Interns, Asian
Jitae (Andrew) Kim (USA), The Reality of Abandoned Dogs in South Korea, Documentary Short (Student)
John Osebold (USA), Barry the Bearable Bear, Animation, Web Tube Length Video
Judee Tan (Singapore), A Man Waiting For The Leaves To Fall, Experimental, Women Filmmakers
Kaixin Aethelu Wang (Canada), Duckman, Documentary Short (Student), Asian (Student)
Kevin Veatch (USA), The Portable Alchemy Kit, Web Tube Length Video
Kevin Veatch (USA), Sophie Goes Ape, Web / Internet Programming
Lanessa Miller  (USA), Storybook Man, Animation, Music Video, Women Filmmakers
Lazy2D (France), Monkey see, Monkey (shouldn’t) do…, Animation, Children / Family Programming

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Logan Mansberger (USA), Contingency, Film Short
Louise Pedno (USA), An Afternoon at Denny Moe’s, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Manuel Gaubatz and Oliver Magda (Germany), Live, Experimental, Art Direction
Marc Alan Kagan (USA), Duality, Film Short, Creativity / Originality
Martha Stanford Campbell (USA), The Space Between Words, Experimental
Maurine McFarlane, Cloud Records (USA), Jesus Christ is Lord, Music Video, Original Song (Jesus Christ is Lord)
Michele Wright, Ph.D. (USA), 54 YEARS LATE, African American, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Michelle R. Arthur (USA), V & F, Animation, Women Filmmakers, Direction
Nathan Race (USA), R.A.T.S: Regional Academia for Talented Students, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Oksana Mysina (Russia), Red, Blue and Asya, Experimental
Olga Ianaeva (Georgia), Over there, beyond the mountains is the sea, Women Filmmakers
Ralph Lewis (USA), Language Games, Experimental
Randall Blaum and Stephen Brotebeck (USA), Sharing the Love, Special Purpose Productions, Experimental, LGBT, Viewer Impact: Entertainment Value
Ray Koh (Canada), The Most Beautiful Ones, Film Short (Student)
Ritendra Datta (USA), This Day That Year, Actress: Leading (Roshni Datta as Purvi), Editing
Ron & Jane Cooper, Grace Dee May Museum (USA), Knights of Early Los Angeles, Movie Trailer, History / Biographical
Sarah Brooks and Jacob Van Doren (USA), Misfortune, Film Short (Student)
Sean Gregory Tansey (Greece), The Pathos of Hamlet, Film Short
Sean Waldron (USA), Down The Rabbit Hole, Actor: Leading (Sean Waldron as Father), Film Short
Shannon Unser (USA), Marcus, Women Filmmakers

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Shannon Unser (USA), Changing Lives One Dive at a Time, Documentary Short
Shelley A Williams (USA), The Write Stuff, Reality Programming
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), Fighters in an invisible battle, Asian
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), The three Su Scholars, Asian
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), Love poems by Shi Su, Asian
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), Under same moon, Music Video
Shutong Zhang (China), The Bell, Asian
Sofía Isabella (United Kingdom), Wrangle, Film Short, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Stacey Frazer (USA), The Sweetest Thing, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Stephen Schaub (USA), There Are Forests In The Animals, Experimental
Steve A. Long and Rebekah Tadros (USA), Where I’ve Been, Film Short
Steve Greenstein (USA), COVID Ditty, Web Series
Steven Hoffen (USA), Growing Peace in the Middle East, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Sumner Meehan (USA), The Secret Life of Drones, Film Short
Tyson Hunsaker (USA), Germ, Film Short (Student)
Umberto Squitieri and Stefano Squitieri (Italy), The click, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Umberto Squitieri as Antonio Sabato)
Valerie Knill (Switzerland), Beate sits in the Bathroom in Silence, Actress: Leading (Anna Schönberg as Beate)
William Youngquist (USA), Edmond Wysinger Documentary, Documentary Short (Student)
Zoe FitzPatrick (Ireland), A Community, Fighting, Film Short, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising

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