Award of Merit March 2021

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Award of Merit Special Mention

Andrés Hernández Covarrubias (Mexico), Gratification, Actor: Leading (Jorge Lan as Alfonso Alvarez)
Angelika Fürstler and Austin Ahlborg (France), LOTUS, Film Short
Anthony Stengel and Jaime Cruz (USA), SEEK, Experimental
Carolyn Corkindale (Australia), The Magic of Auchendarroch, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Cecilia Choi (USA), Blinded, Asian, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Cliffordkuju Henry (United Kingdom), In Search of a White Identity, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays
Dave Fulton (United Kingdom), Worthless, Film Short
David Kennedy and Ruby Baker (United Kingdom), Sucking Wind, Film Short
David Maddox (USA), Alternative Math, Actress: Leading (Allyn Carrell as Mrs. Wells), Film Short
Dr Shahid Kamal (United Kingdom), Matty Boy, Direction
Elmer J. Howard (USA), Kings & Queens, Actress: Supporting (Sara Brophy as Harper)
Fabio Grossi (Italy), Solitude, LGBT
Geoff Levin (USA), The Story Of Spinning, Documentary Short
Gunnar Sizemore (USA), Apartment G, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Josh Baxter and Clayton Bowman (USA), Hit on Me, Film Short, Direction
Lex Kimbrough (USA), The Death Of My Father, African American
Lieke Bezemer (Netherlands), ECHO, Women Filmmakers (Student), Experimental (Student), Use of Film / Video for Social Change (Student)
Luis Enrique Rodriguez Ramos (Puerto Rico), The Night That Never Happened, Latin / Hispanic
Lydur Arnason (Iceland), Poison, Film Short
Mikhail Tot (USA), Pretty Metal, Film Short, Ensemble Cast, Pilot Program / Series, Concept, Script / Writer
Nathan Bernhardt (USA), The Pocketer, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Peter Efthymiou (United Kingdom), Odd Man Out, Film Short, Original Score (Orphic Egg composed by Darren Berry)
Sailaja Bandyopadhyay (USA), Inheritance, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Sea Jin Park (USA), Humanatee, Animation
Tara Rule (USA), Cato, Disability Issues, Dramatic Impact
Terence McGlade and Hayden Currie (Canada), PLATFORM, Experimental

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Alessandro C. Masella (Italy), Morella, My Wife, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Alessandro C. Masella as Leonard Agalpe)
Alex Guo (USA), Dear Anxiety, Public Service Programming / PSA (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Andrea Thoenes and Michael Thoenes (USA), Cubekins, Invasion of the Cubecumbers, Animation
Andrew Harper (USA), Gut Soup, Documentary Short
Anna Unterweger (Austria), A World Of Happiness, Commercial / Infomercial (Student)
Anne-Marieke Graafmans (Netherlands), See me, hear me, feel me, Documentary Short, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Audrey Webb (USA), The New Shoes, Original Score (Composed by Greg Morrison)
Bella Trost and Tom Aspy (Hungary), $700+, Film Short
Benjamin Freemantle (USA), Where Are You from Again?, Actress: Leading (Maria Müller as Helene Badescu), Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Bruce Goldsmith and Asaad Kelada (USA), Hear Me Out, Film Short
Bryan Wolfinger (USA), Payphone Payoff, Film Short
Carmela Schönenberger (Switzerland), Serafin, Actress: Leading (Student) (Mirjam Wüthrich as Serafin), Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Charles Andrews (USA), 846, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Charles Andrews as Dr. Marcus Manne), Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Claudia Edermayer (Austria), Loneliness sucks, Women Filmmakers, Animation
Collin Arend (USA), Paladin: The Brotherhood (Chapter 1), Web Series
Daniel Carrillo and Francisco Villarroel (Venezuela), Webidemic, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Francisco Villarroel as Professor)
Dark Hoffman (USA), The Shack, an Atmos-Fearic Thriller, Film Short
David Higinio Colombia, Origins Films (USA), James, Latin / Hispanic (Student)
Debi Bradshaw (USA), Soundman, Women Filmmakers


Dmitry Tsozik (USA), The Clump, Web Tube Length Video
Douglas John Imbrogno (USA), 100 Days of Badass Women, Documentary Short
Elena Viklova (USA), Through Her Glasses, Actress: Leading (Shira Alon as Tamar Peri), LGBT
Ellen Thompson (USA), Pay Attention (For Lyme Disease Prevention), Public Service Programming / PSA, Educational / Instructional / Training
Elmer J. Howard (USA), Kings & Queens, Actress: Leading (Emily Kokidko as Lucy), Film Short, LGBT
Fabio Grossi (Italy), Solitude, Film Short
Francisca Braithwaite (Australia), Seven Stages, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Francisco J. Hidalgo (USA), Uncivil Seizure, Film Short, Direction
Frank Fazzio (USA), Unfiltered Through Their Eyes, Documentary Short
Georgia Sasso (USA), Consent: How Rape Culture Affects Teen Development and Relationships, Documentary Short (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
J.J. Barmettler (USA), Eye & the Oracle, Web Series
Jack Veasey (United Kingdom), Non-transferable, Film Short
Jaswant Dev Shrestha (USA), Festival Of Gai Jatra, Narration / Voice-Over Talent (Dani Jae), Original Score (Composed by André Barros), Script / Writer (Jaswant Dev Shrestha)
Jenny He (USA), Remnant, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Jeremy Culver (USA), Ave Maria, Music Video, Christian
Jessica Gould (USA), Babylon: Ghetto, Renaissance, and Modern Oblivion, Educational / Instructional / Training, Jewish, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Jessica N. Todmann (USA), She’s Not Alone, Film Short (Student)
Jill Jaress (USA), I Love Louie, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Joel Bryant (USA), THE SET, Film Short, African American



John D. FitzGibbon (USA), Democracy Sucks, Actor: Leading (John Fico as Professor B), Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Script / Writer (Monica Bauer)
Jose A. Stoute (USA), Rerouting, Film Short (Student)
JuanJose De La Cruz (USA), The Secrets We Keep, Film Short, Latin / Hispanic
Kamraj Sundram, Ashokkumar (USA/India), , ENGA OORU KAATTILAE, Film Short
Kelly Greenheart (USA), Look at What Love Can Do, Documentary Short
Kimberly Weinberger (USA), Phase, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Kristina Hampton (Canada), A Midwinter Nightmare, Women Filmmakers, Script / Writer
La’Chris Jordan (USA), January 14th, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Lee Ryan Coston (USA), A TATTOO for Christmas, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Lou Di Giorgio (Switzerland), Locked Love, Film Short
Luke Alexander Harris (USA), The Memory Palace, African American (Student)
Lumedia Musicworks (USA), Eternal Source of Light, Film Short, Music Video
Matthew J. Roch (USA), Wacko, Experimental
Maxime Duval (Canada), Spleen, Film Short
Mike Caravella and Joe di Gennaro (USA), Astral Plane Drifter, Film Short
Missy Jubilee (Australia), Missy Jubilee. 055. PopPorn, Web Series
Mohammed Omar (Saudi Arabia), HALLUCINATED, Film Short
Naïma Pöhler (France), Unseen, Music Video
Nancy Snipper (Canada), Fowl Crossing, Animation
Nicole Waszak Mendez, Company Dime Pictures (USA), The Dress, Women Filmmakers, Children / Family Programming
Nigel Lovell and William Seaward (United Kingdom), The Extraordinary Time-Travelling Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Children / Family Programming, Animation
Noah Benjamin Miller (USA), LAPSE, Film Short (Student)



Oman Dhas (Singapore), Solitude, Asian
Parish Rahbar and Tara Moini (USA), Chances, Women Filmmakers, Film Short
Paul Cater Deaton (USA), Showdown at Tiger Beach, Documentary Short, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Cinematography
Paul Lapushkin (Russia), The Moon 2050, Animation
Quinn Hatch (USA), Family Planning, Film Short
Regina Pigsley (USA), Face Value, Film Short (Student), Makeup (Student)
Renad Enikeev (Russia), Red zone. COVID-19., Documentary Short, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Rich Polt (USA), Remembering the Ice Man, Documentary Short
Richard Eschenroeder (USA), Oumuamua, Movie Trailer
Robert Hunkele and Tom DiDonato (USA), PIVOT Paying It Forward, Children / Family Programming
Rueben Brock (USA), Discovering Autism, Documentary Short, Disability Issues
Ryan Krall (USA), Roll Call, Animation (Student), Children / Family Programming (Student)
Ryan Krall (USA), The Rodney Show, Animation (Student)
Sarah Freimuth (USA), Fry Hard, Animation (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Seth Isler (USA), The Last Draftsman, Documentary Short
Stephen Doe (USA), #Hashtag – #ThePrice, Web Series, Actress: Leading (Aliza Silverman as Brianna Sparks)
Steve “RAZE” Julien and Jon Eckhaus (USA), From Pain To Power, African American
Tarunabh Dutta and Jim Ankan Deka (India), Assam Skies, Music Video
Tigran Sargsyan (USA), I Wish I Could Dance, Film Short
Tim Price (United Kingdom), Through The Dunes, Actress: Leading (Bo Bragason as Lily)
Tone Davies and David Woolfson (United Kingdom), Make America Love Again, Music Video (Tone Davies and The Woolfman), Original Song (Make America Love Again composed by The Woolfman), Use of Film / Video for Social Change (Tone Davies and The Woolfman)
Yoo dongkuk (Korea), The Kettle of Samir, Islamic

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