Award of Recognition March 2021

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Award of Recognition

Abby Asuncion (USA), Look Up!, Film Short (Student)
Alex Nicoletti (USA), My First Shot, Disability Issues
Amber J. Smith (USA), Chocolate, African American (Student)
Andrea Thoenes and Michael Thoenes (USA), Cubekins, Invasion of the Cubecumbers, Christian
Antonio Harper and Abby Burton (USA), Panic in Valley City, Film Short
Ariyan Johnson (USA), Triggered, African American, Experimental, Music Video, Women Filmmakers
Arthur Borman (USA),, Webisode
Ashna Sharan (USA), The Zoom Gatekeeper, LGBT, Mobile / Cell Phone Media
Audrey Webb (USA), The New Shoes, Film Short
Beau Garner (USA), The Adventures of the Gray Hat Hacker, Actor: Leading (Liam Dow as Gray Hat Hacker), Film Short, Direction (Beau Garner)
Brandon Macey (USA), A Hero’s Quest, Film Short
Brian Barsuglia (USA), A Bard for the Ages, Documentary Short
Caol Ila Bader (USA), A Day Off, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Caren Messing (USA), Swimming Upstream, Mobile / Cell Phone Media
Casey Abramson (USA), No.2, Film Short
Cassandra Due (USA), AT 17, Actress: Leading (Cassandra Due as Emma), Women Filmmakers
Coley Campany and Armond Snowden (USA), Office Buddies, Web Tube Length Video, Women Filmmakers
Daisy Rymer (USA), Seeking Sparkles, Film Short (Student), Children / Family Programming (Student)
Daniel Van Note (USA), Coming Out, Film Short (Student), LGBT (Student)
David C. Whiteman (USA), Intermission, Documentary Short
Dawna Lee Heising and Craig Railsback (USA), Fireside Classics, Web Tube Length Video
Diane Panday (France), Métro, Boulot, Dodo…, Women Filmmakers, Experimental

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Dianna Ippolito (USA), Naked, Women Filmmakers
Dinesh Shukla (India), RECUPERATION, Documentary Short, Asian
DJ Higgins, Stefan Fulton and Cathy Fiorillo (USA), SANITIZE THIS!, Actress: Leading (Cathy Fiorillo as Cathy), Film Short
Dmitry Tsozik (USA), The Clump, Title / Credit Design
Eddie Eniel (USA), Attraction Man, Film Short, Direction
Elissa Cohn (USA), MWPCTV, Music Video
Elizabeth C. Lundy (USA), Struggle For Workplace Justice: The Michael Friedman Story, Women Filmmakers
Elizabeth Usher (Australia), Christmas on an Island, Music Video
Elizabeth Usher (Australia), There is Room at the Table, Music Video
Elmer J. Howard (USA), Kings & Queens, Actor: Supporting (Thomas Smallwood as Eric)
Eva Collins (Australia), Howl, Actress: Leading (Student) (Eva Collins)
Eva Collins (Australia), Innocence, Animation (Student)
EveNSteve Schaub (USA), A Wonderful Plague, Documentary Short
Francisca Braithwaite (Australia), Seven Stages, Actress: Leading (Francisca Braithwaite as Amanda)
Giles Sander (Canada), Soiled Shorts: THE SERIES, Television – Pilot Program, Comedy Program / Series
Giorgi Tkemaladze (USA), Romance, LGBT
Greg Runnels (USA), Let’s Talk About Farts, Film Short
Gregory Gunder (USA), Choral Music in South Florida – Dr. Kenneth Boos, Documentary Short
Israel Ayala Gomez (USA), Writer’s Room, Web Tube Length Video (Student), Original Score (Student) (Composed by Andrew Reid and Leon Durrenberger)
Jake Sedell (USA), Mossoid, Experimental (Student)
Jameelah Kareem (USA), Dear Black Man, African American
Jean-Christophe Yacono (Canada), FEAR IN MOTION, Experimental

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Jessica Damouni (USA), Be Good, Actress: Leading (Jessica Damouni as Leila)
Jessica Gould (USA), Babylon: Ghetto, Renaissance, and Modern Oblivion, Documentary Short
Jingli Feng (China), Wang’s Pharmacy, Documentary Short (Student), Asian (Student)
Joei So (Canada), The Clone, Women Filmmakers
Jonas Čiurlionis and Indrė Juškutė (Lithuania), The Skys – Communication, Music Video
Jose A. Stoute (USA), Rerouting, Latin / Hispanic (Student)
Josef Steiff (USA), Jesse James, LGBT
Joseph Maddalone (USA), The Clown Statue, Film Short (Student)
Joyce Garvey (Ireland), LUCIA, Experimental
Kahstoserakwathe Paulette Moore and Dr. Karenna’onwe Karen Hill (Canada), VeRONAka, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Kaye Tuckerman (USA), Choice, Actress: Leading (Dawn Young as Kate), Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Kevin Nettles (USA), More of Something, LGBT, Original Score (More of Something composed by Jeffery Hansell)
Kimberly K. Owens (USA), Freedom Walk, African American
Lee Ryan Coston (USA), A TATTOO for Christmas, Christian
Linda Kay Leonard (USA), Hide Your Love Away, Disability Issues, Concept
Lori Hamilton (USA), Potato Family, Film Short
Lori Hamilton (USA), Project Spudway, Film Short
Lori Hamilton (USA), Positivity Pinata In the Big City, Film Short
Lori Hamilton (USA), Corporate Knobs, Film Short
Luc Jacquemetton (USA), Umbilical, Experimental (Student)
Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm, Steven Alan Davis and Joe Chacon (USA), The Black League of Superheroes, African American, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery

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Matt Bolin (Australia), The Adventures of Father Bear and his midlife crisis, Animation
Matthew J. Roch (USA), Wacko, Actor: Leading (Matthew Roch as Jack)
Matthew Jarjosa (USA), Children Are Monsters, Film Short
Michael Jacoby and Daveas Espinal (USA), Loop, Film Short (Student)
Michael Traverzo (USA), Fiasco, Web Tube Length Video
Mohammed Omar (Saudi Arabia), HALLUCINATED, Title / Credit Design
Natalie Creek (USA), Condemned by Inaction, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Nicole Heetland (USA), Pretty Little Pills, Women Filmmakers (Student), Film Short (Student)
Nicole Kenley-Miller, Moores Opera Center, University of Houston (USA), Trouble in Tahiti, Music Video
Nicole Kenley-Miller, Moores Opera Center, University of Houston (USA), A Hand of Bridge, Music Video
Nicole Waszak Mendez, Company Dime Pictures (USA), The Dress, Actress: Leading (Tara Nader as Farida)
Nisa Neza (USA), Iguana Death in the American Suburbs, Film Short, Actor: Supporting (Jason John Cicalese as Joe)
Omodaka (Japan), How To Make Synthetic Nature / Omodaka, Music Video
Paula McTaggart (New Zealand), Depression & Hard Times, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Peachanda DuBose (USA), MAGGIE, Film Short
Penelope Hynam (Barbados), The Film Guru, Educational / Instructional / Training
Peter Shpak (Russia), What for We Need Orchestras, Film Short, Cinematography
Pieter Bonthuyzen (South Africa), Behind closed doors, Educational / Instructional / Training, Actress: Leading (Student) (Layla de Hart as Marna Buchler), Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising

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Ray Klimek and Judson Evans (USA), Remote Viewing, Experimental
Richard Hamasaki (USA), I Am a Plastic, Experimental, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Robert Cook (USA), My Whole Heart Is Blue, Music Video
Rodney S. Martel (USA), Six Million, Jewish
Rubén Möller (Canada), MORTE ET DABO : GIFT OF DEATH, Experimental
Ryan Krall (USA), The Rodney Show, Children / Family Programming (Student)
Sam Tapper (USA), The White Carpet, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Samuel J. Punto (Germany), Distortion (Verzerrung), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Shaun Rylee (USA), Question Everything, Experimental, Creativity / Originality
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), Eternal Love, Asian
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), Touched by the Unknown, Film Short
Shihyun Wang (USA), Poems by Two Emperor Poets, Asian
Shihyun Wang (USA), 20 something in Taiwan, Asian, Interview / Talk Show
Sonia Usatch-Kuhn (USA), The Bond, Jewish
Stephen McKinnon (Canada), CLOSET Space, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Rebekah Johnson as Carla)
Steve McGrath (Australia), The Thirty Second Man, Film Short
Steve Windels (Germany), Homeoffice, Film Short
Steven Santoro (USA), Don’t Wake Up, Film Short, LGBT
Tannah Gillman (USA), I Know You Are. I Know You Do., Women Filmmakers, Direction
Tiffany Deater and Jarrod Hagadorn (USA), Tornado Lake, Experimental
Tigran Sargsyan (USA), I Wish I Could Dance, Actress: Leading (Kirsten Bloom Allen as Isabella), Actor: Leading (Magnus Christoffersen as Matthew)
Tim Nathan and Angelica Campion (United Kingdom), Squirrel Mountain ‘Iggy To The Rescue’, Children / Family Programming, Film Short
Tyaela Nieves (USA), Limon Agrio, Latin / Hispanic, Film Short
Vibha Patel (USA), Superstitions, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Youning Jiang (USA), His He, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Yu Liu (USA), The One, Film Short (Student)

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