Award of Merit March 2022

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Award of Merit Special Mention

Augusta Mariano (USA), Forest Giants, Actress: Leading (Erin Clark as Aubrey)
Brian Glassford (USA), Uncommon Negotiator, Film Short
Frederick Tabiyus Nah IV (USA), Diminished, African American
Javon Johnson and Max Zampieri (USA), Voicemails To My Future Self: Vol 1 w/ Javon Johnson, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Jiaqi Bin (China), Gift, Animation
Katie Prentiss (USA), Front Porches, Actress: Leading (Katie Prentiss as Maggie)
Madeleine Case (USA), Laephlexa, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Maire Campbell (United Kingdom), Shielding Nico, Actor: Leading (Richard Clements as Matt)
Nika King (USA), For Sale, Women Filmmakers, African American
Tal Kissos (USA), Psychic School, Television – Pilot Program, Actress: Leading (Jordana Lilly as Blanche Bumonte)

award of merit words

Aaron Brewer (USA), Find-A-Friend, Film Short (Student)
Andrés Palacino and Camilo Fernández (Colombia), Days of a Modern Old Man, Film Short (Student), Latin / Hispanic (Student)
Augusta Mariano (USA), Forest Giants, Actor: Leading (Michael Moskewicz as Oliver), Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Script / Writer, Cinematography
Barletta Patrice (France), Dans la nuit de l’humanité, Experimental
Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir (USA), Time is Eternal, Actress: Leading (Berite Labelle as Cleopara, Mary Wollenstonecraft, mermaid))
Bob Scott (USA), Life Begins In Wonder. Let Life End In Wonder., Documentary Short
Bruce H. Gill, Ingo Kaddatz, Andrew James Porter and Sam McCarthy (United Kingdom), End Game, Film Short
Cameron Patterson (Canada), Anti-Body, Film Short
Carlos Moreno Jr. (USA), Numb, Actress: Leading (Luella Hill as Dr. Lola Enochs), Women Filmmakers, Script / Writer
Carmelo Nuccio Modica (Italy), “That Day”  Dear Franco, LGBTQ+
Colette Samek (USA), Lemonade, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Daffy London (USA), DL? by Tutt Jones, LGBTQ+
David Levin (USA), Pass The Matzoh, Jewish
David Sarian and Kostya Yezagelian (USA), Purple Case, Film Short
Denise Singleton (USA), Superannuated, Script / Writer
Desiree Faust and Stefana D. Brancastle (United Kingdom), Switch, Experimental


Eavvon Styles O’Neal (USA), Mister Backlash, Film Short
Ed Toolis (USA), There’s an App for That, Web Series
Elijah Roberts (USA), The Red Phone, Film Short (Student)
Ella Wright (United Kingdom), M.A.D, Women Filmmakers (Student), Production Design (Student)
Gregory Principato (USA), Caller Zero, Film Short, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Hunter Johns (United Kingdom), Metanoia, Actor: Leading (Student) (Hunter Johns as Henry), Film Short (Student)
Jaime Urquiza (Mexico), Black Constellation, Film Short, Script / Writer
James Elden – Speak No Evil – Punk Monkey Productions (USA), Speak No Evil, Film Short, Original Score (Composed by Brad Warnaar)
Jana Devino (USA), No Heartbeat, African American
Jasmin Hagendorfer (Austria), FUDLIAKS! Tear the Sexes apart!, LGBTQ+ (Student)
Jennifer Massaux (USA), INTO YOU, Women Filmmakers
Jesse Foy (USA), Whos’ Watching You, Christian
Jhosimar Vasquez (USA), Circle, Latin / Hispanic
Joe McNeal (USA), Angels Do Fly West, Disability Issues
John M. Forte Jr. (USA), Ron’s Beads, Christian
Jonathan Moore (USA), Listening, Documentary Short
Josette Eales (USA), A Shame, Actress: Leading (Natasha Loring as Holly), Women Filmmakers, Script / Writer, Cinematography (Natasha Mullan)


Josiah Johnson (USA), The Wealthiest Man in the World, Actor: Leading (Dexter Lott as Dion Freeman), African American, Film Short, Script / Writer, Actress: Supporting (Elizabeth Burdick as Mary Burger)
Julien Klink (Germany), Virus, Film Short
Justin Rose (USA), Father’s Day, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Christopher Studenka as James W. Sexton)
Kadi Tsang (USA), Kung Fu Grandma, Asian, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Katie Prentiss (USA), Front Porches, Disability Issues
Katsuyuki Nakanishi (Japan), Argent Glass, Music Video, Asian
Kent Flaagan (USA), THE BROOM, African American
Kurt S. Mason (USA), Monster In Your Head, Film Short
Lou Spisto (USA), The Come Up, Actor: Leading (Sharmaarke Mohamed as Shemar), African American, Film Short, Script / Writer (Lou Spisto, Travis Brown, Bella Dontine)
Lucas Novak (USA), Giving Meat To A Skeleton, Animation, Experimental
Lydie Manzano (Canada), ELLES, Film Short
Magnus Thorhauge Sandvad, Filmmaskinen (Denmark), Underdog, Film Short (Student)
Maire Campbell (United Kingdom), Shielding Nico, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Maria Wróż-Prusiewicz (Poland), Light of darkness, Film Short
Merete Muenter (USA), Through The Ages, Experimental, Entertainment / Drama / Dance / Variety
Michael Monteiro (USA), To Kill A Cop, Film Short


Michael Thoenes and Brannon Hollingsworth (USA), Blissview: Where’s Jake?, Animation, Children / Family Programming
Michelle Dionne Wardlaw (USA), Bellator: A Southeast DC Story, Women Filmmakers, Movie Trailer
Narjess Rafic Karim (Lebanon), A place once existed, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Waêl Assaf as Hadi)
Neela Gerayli (USA), Martha, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Neela Gerayli (USA), Gift of Life, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Nela Wagman (USA), Come Find Me, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Niall Doran, Bookend Trust/Bookend Enterprises (Australia), SURVIVORS: Rediscovering the Short-Tailed Rain Crayfish, Documentary Short, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Pablo Pintor (Argentina), The Earth without Evil, Documentary Short
Peachanda DuBose (USA), BUS STOP, Film Short
Peter Dobson (USA), White Mule, Film Short
Raed Truett Gilliam (USA), Common Grounds?, Documentary Short (Student)
Ramya Harishankar and Gunindu Abeysekara (USA), Bhumika, Asian
Robert Moon (USA), WIC 300, Web Series
Roberta Pyzel (USA), Shadow Man, Film Short
Roger Edwards (USA), LUCHA and the EKEKO, Film Short, Latin / Hispanic
Rós Alexander (United Kingdom), My Dear Friend, Body, Women Filmmakers, Personal Growth
Sekichi Kitamura (Japan), You are Beautiful, LGBTQ+
Terry Brown (USA), Tidal Alert, Documentary Short
Toben Seymour (USA), JOYTOWN, Children / Family Programming
Tofer Moran (USA), The Way Things Go, Film Short
Tori Layne, Iron Owl Films (USA), Vestige, Editing
Victor Dean (USA), Survivors High – The Anthology, Animation, Direction
Vidushi Chadha and Savannah M. Ryan (USA), Neckline, Women Filmmakers, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Xinyuan Zhao (USA), Almost Christmas, Animation (Student), Christian (Student)
Zhicheng Chang (USA), CLEAR WATER, Actress: Leading (Student) (Kristina Horan as Samuel’s wife)

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