Award of Merit March 2023

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Award of Merit Special Mention

Ahmad Heydarian (Iran), Before Heaven, Animation
Aquila Chase-Daniel (USA), That’s Enough Now Thanks, Film Short
Ayla Babanikos and Mitra Hamzavi (USA), Val and Taylor’s F*ck-it List, Film Short (Student)
Cara Loften (USA), The Cleaner, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Charlotte Quintanar (USA), Bee The Solution, Documentary Short (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Christophe Lenoir (France), REVERSE, Actress: Leading (Camille Solal as Rachel/Sylvia/Louise/Joëlle/Morgana and miss x)
Daniel Roman Hidalgo (USA), LIFESTYLE: Lowrider Faith Journey, The Armando Flores Story, Christian
Daryl Sledge (USA), XAVIAR MENDOSA: The Trial At Redemption Bar, Cinematography (Jamal Solomon)
Desislava Chuturkova (Bulgaria), The Smith, Experimental
Erik Sather (USA), Redwood Survival, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Greg A. Ferrara (USA), Sustained Reaction, Actor: Leading (Greg Ferrara as The Scientist)
Jenny Kleiman and Haley Dercher (USA), Good Girl, Jewish, Women Filmmakers


Karim Azimi (Iran), Survivor, Asian
Katya Ignatiev (United Kingdom), JAWAI, Documentary Short (Student)
Kevin Schewe (USA), Bad Love Tigers, Script / Writer
Patricia Kaersenhout (Netherlands), The Return of the Hummingbird Women, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Scott Klumb (USA), Change, Disability Issues
Tanner Beard (USA), Radio Telescope, Actor: Leading (Russell Quinn as Dr. Ian Anderson), Direction, Editing
Tyler Wursta (USA), A New LVHS: Pioneering Animal Welfare in the Lehigh Valley, Documentary Short
Vicki Topaz and Wynn Padula (USA), BY MY SIDE, Disability Issues, Documentary Short, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Walker Davis Moore (USA), On My Mind, Film Short
William McClure Mudge (USA), WWII Airborne Demonstration Team, Commercial / Infomercial
Xochi Blymyer (USA), Hey Alexa, Film Short, Script / Writer (Xochi Blymyer)

award of merit words

Adam Peterson (USA), The Princess and the Formaldehyde Specimen, Web Tube Length Video
Adam Reiss (USA), New Insights into Ancient Traditions: Uncovering a Key to Heart Health Protection, Jewish, Health / Medicine / Science
Alexander Davidowski (USA), Rise of the Clambassador, Documentary Short
Andreas Zhao (Canada), our nights are more  beautiful than your days, Asian, Experimental
Andres Luna III (USA), Sour Note, Actor: Leading (Finn Haney as Kyle), Actress: Leading (Sofia Rahaniotis as Jenna), Direction, Film Short, Cinematography
Brian A. Chander (USA), Age of the Goldfish, Film Short (Student)
Cara Loften (USA), The Cleaner, Women Filmmakers
Carlos Puig Mundó (Spain), To Be or Not to Be, Disability Issues
Chance White, Christian Cashmir and Tom Pritchard (USA), APEIRON BOUND – Absent Familiarity feat. Joshua Corum of HEAD WITH WINGS, Music Video, Cinematography
Chris Curley (Ireland), Get Out and Drive, Documentary Short (Student)
Chris Taylor and Jesse Watson (USA), A Man Buried, Film Short, Ensemble Cast
Christian Cashmir and Wayne Joyner (USA), APEIRON BOUND – Emotive Servitude, Music Video


Cornell Calhoun III (USA), Longwood, Script / Writer
Dinghui Liu (USA), Invisible Green, Asian (Student)
Emily Teague (USA), Rosé Haze, LGBTQ+, Music Video
Emma Dickson (United Kingdom), Hear Her Voice, Women Filmmakers, Entertainment / Drama / Dance / Variety
Far From Your Sun (France), I felt a Funeral, in my Brain, Music Video
Gary Grant (United Kingdom), Lily of the Valley, LGBTQ+
GBU & DJ Noj, Graven Image Films (USA), The Last Bullet, Animation
Greg A Ferrara (USA), Sustained Reaction, Direction, Film Short
Jack Hoppe (USA), Coming Home, Film Short
Jacob Hamilton (United Kingdom), Fox in The Hen House, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Chantelle Rance as Savanah)
James Matthew Storm (USA), Meet My Pet Monster, Narration / Voiceover Talent (Chuck Beull)
Jason Leal (USA), In the forest of Nisene Marks, Disability Issues


Jay William Thomas (USA), Aquae Vitae, Direction, Editing, Ensemble Cast, Film Short
Jefferson Cox (USA), Monk, Ensemble Cast
Jenny Urice and Ben Fout (USA), Hot Set eps w color, Web Series, Ensemble Cast
Jesse Hutchins (USA), CHILDREN AS GIANTS, Film Short, Experimental
Jon Cohen (Australia), The Party, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Willow Alderton as Eliana), Dramatic Impact
Jozef Romasz (Poland), MY TIME DANCES WITH ME, Documentary Short, Entertainment / Drama / Dance / Variety
Jürgen Baums (Germany), Who is Calling ?, Remixes / Mashups
Kelli Caldwell (USA), Robots Don’t Tell Jokes, Children / Family Programming, Humor / Humorist, Film Short
Kevin Williams (USA), Hey, I’m The Doorguy!, Television – Pilot Program, Ensemble Cast
Linda Staheli (USA), A Peace of Science:  Diplomacy with North Korea, Documentary Short
Lisa Singletary (USA), Walking in the Wrong Direction, LGBTQ+, Women Filmmakers
Ly Bolia (USA), Hoang the Paper Boy, Asian, Animation


Magali Derrien (France), La Cabane, Cinematography (Emmanuelle Gary)
Mark Renken (USA), Omnitask, Film Short, Original Score (Composed by Garrett Hope)
Matthew Luppino (Canada), Fragments, Film Short, Cinematography, Script / Writer
Michael Alvin Wynn (USA), Malcolm Speaks, Film Short
Morteza Payeshenas (Iran), Wood, Film Short
Napoleon Kerber (USA), Nate Robinson: To Inspire, Documentary Short
Papillon Films (UAE), The Long Wait, Original Score (Composed by Simon Woodward)
Patrick Phillips (USA), Electric Pioneers, Documentary Short, African American
Phil Terry and Katie Two Dogs (USA), Dichotomy, Film Short, Script / Writer (Phil Terry), Actress: Leading (Angela Sprague as Jenna / Julie)
Rachel Kleinman (USA), Weird Animal – Timothy Bailey & the Humans, Music Video
Rahjiv Staten (USA), The 3rd Cousin, Script / Writer (Rahjiv Staten)
Rick Marcus (USA), Moral Dilemma, Script / Writer


Rob Shearer (USA), My Father’s House, Documentary Short
Robert Haufrecht (USA), Subterranean Love (Olga), Direction
Rudy Strukoff (USA), Love In Vain, Music Video
Samuel Edelsack (USA), ENTITY LINE, Editing, Experimental
Sepideh Ghavami (Iran), Curettage, Film Short
Shruti Tewari (USA), Stain Resistant, Women Filmmakers, Personal Growth
Shutterstinct Productions in association with Round Two Entertainment (USA), My Father, Latin / Hispanic
Soraya Vargas (Colombia), Les Barbares, Original Score (Composed by José Miguel Vargas)
Stanislav Mitin (Germany), The Almighty Vending Machine, Direction, Film Short, Script / Writer (Stanislav Mitin)
Tane Martinez (USA), Dream of Me, Documentary Short
Tanner Beard (USA), Radio Telescope, Film Short, Script / Writer
Tara Dorabji and Jamie DeWolf (USA), Here Still, Documentary Short, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Tyler Carlin (USA), Cheesy and The Bears, Music Video, Children / Family Programming
Tyler Wursta (USA), A New LVHS: Pioneering Animal Welfare in the Lehigh Valley, Post-Production Overall, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Wayne Burdette (USA), Heart Stopper, Script / Writer
Ziyi Feng (China), The Speech, Disability Issues (Student)

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