Award of Recognition March 2023

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Award of Recognition

Abner Vargas (USA), Future Leftovers, Latin / Hispanic
Al Hall Production/Urban Butterfly Media (USA), BIPOC in America, Season 3 Episode 2, African American
Alexander Davidowski (USA), Rise of the Clambassador, Cinematography
Anson King (USA), Streetlight, Experimental (Student)
Ashanti K. Ayers (USA), It Was Necessary, Christian (Student)
Barb Barton (USA), Water, Documentary Short, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Bella Cruz (USA), 180, African American, Actress: Leading (Bella Cruz as Olivia)
Bob Spletzer (USA), SpaceWalk, Television – Program Series
Carol Ann Montag (USA), Strange Ballet, Music Video, Original Song
Chia chi Huang (Taiwan), Let go, Film Short (Student)
Chris Bixi Li (USA), 4/4 (Common Time), Film Short
Chris Davies (USA), Anya, Film Short
Christian Cashmir and Wayne Joyner (USA), APEIRON BOUND – Emotive Servitude, Original Song
Christine DiTillio, Robert DiTillio and Christina Gray (USA), The Book Club, Film Short, Humor / Humorist
Corban Robbe (USA), The True Summit, Christian
Costin Chioreanu, Andrew Stout and Michael Calza (USA), APEIRON BOUND – My Sweet Stockholm, Music Video, Animation
Dave Vera (USA), Hi, Actress: Leading (Student) (Laura Quinn as Ashley)

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Debra Pralle (USA), The Captain’s Mistress, Movie Trailer, Original Score (Composed by Brooks Alder)
Diego Zamalloa (USA), Automate, Script / Writer
Douglas W. Dunklin (USA), Patient Zero, Film Short (Student), Original Score (Student)
Elvira Kalnik (USA), Star Dance, Music Video
Emma Aikman (USA), Back In Brooklyn, Music Video
Federico Berte (USA), High Stakes, Actor: Leading (Federico Berte as Poker Player 3), Actor: Supporting (Ryan Robertson as Poker Player 2), Actress: Leading (Kathleen Paul as Poker Player 1), African American, Children / Family Programming, Editing, Ensemble Cast, Film Short, Web Tube Length
Francesca Brice-Martin (USA), The Perfect Size, Women Filmmakers
GBU & DJ Noj, Graven Image Films (USA), The Last Bullet, Narration / Voice-Over Talent
Geronica Lee Moffett (USA), Broken Mirrors, Film Short
Ginita Sunaina, Global Tara Entertainment (India), Conficted, Film Short
Hamilton Von Watts and Patrick Reynolds (USA), Soul Street, Documentary Short
Harry Waldman (USA), Enter the Room, Film Short, Direction
Ida Mirzaee (United Kingdom), Final Step, Christian, Women Filmmakers
James Matthew Storm (USA), Meet My Pet Monster, Movie Trailer
Jason Killian Meath (USA), Walt’s Disenchanted Kingdom, Christian, Direction, Documentary Short, Movie Trailer
Jay Batten and K.C. Ramsey (USA), Dough Heads, Film Short
Jefferson Cox (USA), Monk, Actor: Leading (Jefferson Cox as Lennix), Actor: Supporting (Samuel Jaye Paul as Monk), African American

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Jermaine Foster (USA), NO INVITATION, Film Short
John Dutton (USA), Tremor Documentary 2022, Disability Issues
John Johnson (USA), FREEDUMB, Animation
John Kestner (USA), The Next to Last Supper, Christian, Ensemble Cast
Joshua James and Ian Whittaker (USA), Mindful Drinker, Documentary Short, Editing
Joyce Garvey (Ireland), Three Women of the Monto, Experimental
Kagan Goh and Susanna Uchatius (Canada), The Day My Cat Saved My Life, Experimental
Kathrin Ganser (Germany), Mama Flow, Women Filmmakers, Documentary Short
Lance D. Linett (USA), Deejay, Documentary Short (Student)
Leslie Lashinsky (USA), Zander’s Dream, Experimental, Creativity / Originality
Lillian Glass (USA), Hey Beautiful, Disability Issues
Magali Derrien (France), La Cabane, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Manouchehr Kholghi (Denmark), Sunrise Dance ; WOMAN LIFE FREEDOM, Music Video
Maria Luisa Quiambao Cuaresma (USA), Bittersweet, Women Filmmakers
Matthew R. Howe (USA), The Reunion, Film Short (Student)
Matthew R. Howe (USA), Lone Star Surf, Documentary Short (Student)
Michael Schiavo (USA), The 4th Wall, Concept
Papillon Films (UAE), The Long Wait, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Larry Neale as Thomas)
Paul Vivona and Nicholas Simmons (USA), Gun and Run, Film Short
Peter James Holt (Australia), Medication, Direction, Film Short
Preethi Saravanakumar (USA), SYNERGY, Script / Writer

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RaeAnne Hadley (USA), Nena ~ Book One of the Viking Treasure Huntress Series, Special Purpose Productions
RaeAnne Hadley (USA), Small Sacrifices Series 2023, Special Purpose Productions
Rahjiv Staten (USA), The 3rd Cousin, Film Short
Rich West (USA), Imaginary Friends, Film Short, Editing
Rick Marcus (USA), Moral Dilemma, Actor: Supporting (Ray Stoney as Ray), Actress: Leading (Nicole Reddinger as Laura), Actress: Supporting (Kathleen Scott Paul as Kathleen), African American, Ensemble Cast, Film Short
Riley Church (USA), Noise, Disability Issues (Student)
Rob Brownstein (USA), STAN, Concept, Script / Writer (Jessica Kinney)
Robert C. Bruce (USA), Runestone, Television – Pilot Program
Robert Marshall Tartell (USA), Temperatura Ardiente (La Otra Historia del COVID), Latin / Hispanic
Sabrina Dubner (USA), Fresh Company, Film Short (Student)
Samuel Edelsack (USA), BYE, LOVE, Editing, Film Short
Sari Mario Sabella (USA), The Florist, Film Short
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), The future in our hands, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), Growing with our family tree, Asian
Soraya Vargas (Colombia), Les Barbares, LGBTQ+, Women Filmmakers
Stephen Donovan and Mark Dendy (USA), tHE aGe oF aNXieTy, Ensemble Cast, Film Short, Direction
Tanner Beard (USA), Radio Telescope, Experimental
Thomas Davisson (USA), Multiple Mes: The Series, Web Series, Actor: Leading (Thomas Davisson as Roofus, Billy, Jimmy and Simon), Direction
Tianshui Li and Haitong Lian (China), Doctorhood, Motherhood, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Tim Barry (USA), Father Of Fizz, Commercial / Infomercial
Tom Varisco (USA), A Future Memory, Experimental
Tserenchimed Khishigjargal (Australia), Wind of the Blue Sky, Documentary Short
Victoria Sutton (USA), Can Archaeology Repair its Past with Indigenous America?, Native Peoples
Zachariah Axel (USA), A Man Apart, Actor: Leading (Zachariah Axel as Ben / Newscasters)

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