Award of Merit September 2021

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Award of Merit Special Mention

Andrea Lwin (USA), Biased, Asian, Women Filmmakers, Actor: Leading (David S. Jung as Bernard)
Cameron Barrett (USA), How To Be A Smoke Alarm Hero, Educational / Instructional / Training, Women Filmmakers
Cullen Dirgins (USA), CARDINAL, Animation (Student)
Cynthia De Cecco and Nanette Hofer, 4M4 Art (USA), Livia, the Frescoed Lady, Costume Design (Dale Andress, Terry Andress, Chris Contos, Cynthia De Cecco, Laurie McKean, Harvel Wardwell, and Cathy Willett)
Da Eun Kim (USA), Nightlight, Asian (Student)
Danielle Browne (USA), The Farmer and the Lightning Storm, African American, Animation, Women Filmmakers
Doug S. Garnett (USA), Line of Sight | Timothy C. Ely, Special Purpose Productions
Elisabeth Ness, Good Porpoise Productions (USA), Emma and the Squares, Ensemble Cast, Editing
Felix Haller (Germany), Together Apart, Animation (Student)
Gigi Burgdorf (United Kingdom), The Plan, Film Short
Gregor Marvel (Germany), CONTROL by Mr.GoM, Music Video
GS Rocha (Brazil), Parts of Us, Film Short
Jason Gullifer (USA), The Decipio, Film Short, Drama Program / Series, Ensemble Cast
Jeff Huang (USA), The Return: A Covid-19 Story, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Kate Maracle (USA), Tempest Tossed, Film Short
Kevin M. Turner (USA), Beta, Actress: Leading (Aubree Bouche as Beta)
Mary Apick (USA), The Cat, Animation
Patricia McCormack (United Kingdom), Myrtle, Actress: Leading (Patricia McCormack as Myrtle)
Sydney Geiger (USA), Bearly Awake, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Tamar Nissim (Israel), The Hygiene Project, Film Short
Tania Verbeeck (Australia), Women Take on Nepal, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Wendy E. Reynolds (USA), Community Through Crisis: a Vermont story, Documentary Short
zhaocongbo (China), Rabbit And Bear, Animation

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Alex Moore, Blue Door Productions (Australia), Hidden Helix, Film Short, Direction
Alexander Lindman (Sweden), The Gunslinger, Web Tube Length Video
Alexandra Pauliat (Turkey), Surviving Torture – Syria’s Imprisoned Women, Women Filmmakers
Alyse Kane Riley (USA), Come As You Are, Film Short, Direction
Amir Jaffer, Prana Pictures (USA), Bobby, Actress: Leading (Sareeka as Sakshi Mehra)
Bayan Jarad (USA), Memoirs of a Mozlem, Islamic (Student)
Brit Landa (Norway), 800 001, Experimental, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Cameron Barrett (USA), Think About Your Neighbors (2021), Public Service Programming / PSA
Caroleen Moise (Australia), Trouble, Women Filmmakers
Chang Xu (China), I Wanna Be a Tree, Animation (Student)
Christina Rose (USA), A Woman’s New World, Documentary Short, Editing
Christine Parker, F-M Cossey and Elizabeth Usher (USA/New Zealand/Australia), Not Alone Anymore, Original Song (UKEnTHUSED featuring The Downunder Strummers)
Christopher L. Robinson (USA), The Replacement, Actor: Leading (Christopher L. Robinson as William and The Replacement), Film Short, Creativity / Originality
Christopher Ryan Sorensen and Jasmine Noelle Sorensen (USA), Rose Colors, Music Video, LGBTQ+
Cody Dalton (USA), Family Frenzy, Film Short
Cooper Harrison Levy and Cole Harrison Walderman (Canada), Baba, Film Short
Cooper Shaw (USA), Not Suitable, Women Filmmakers, Pilot Program / Series
Cynthia De Cecco and Nanette Hofer, 4M4 Art (USA), Livia, the Frescoed Lady, Educational / Instructional / Training
Daniel Lee (USA), Suburbia, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Daniel Parris (USA), Reopening Roxie, Documentary Short
Daniel Richardson (United Kingdom), The August Club, Webisode, Television – Pilot Program
Darren J. Perry (United Kingdom), Roberta Lane, Actor: Leading (Lewis Jamison as David)
Darryl Saffer (USA), Pagosa Is My Name, Narration / Voice-Over Talent (J. Diane Cirksenar)


David Block (USA), Gift Horses, Disability Issues, Documentary Short
Dillon Sefah (USA), Reflection, Film Short (Student), Concept (Student)
Dmitriy Arbatov (USA), Zion, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Doug Stroup (USA), Trafficked, Christian, Film Short
Evgenia Olegovna Williams (USA), A Bicycle Ride for Two, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Harrison J. Bahe (USA), Nobody’s Boy, LGBTQ+
Henry Frankel (United Kingdom), Living On The Edge, Children / Family Programming (Student)
Jacob Hamblin (USA), Casualty of War, Film Short, Production Design
James C. Stewart (New Zealand /USA), I’m Okay…, Actor: Leading (James C. Stewart as James)
Jan Jäckle (France), The last Fisherman of Méjean, Documentary Short
Jennifer Bartels (USA), Dear Lily, Love Patrick, Documentary Short, Editing
Jennifer Hathaway (USA), I’m Here, Animation (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Jeremiah Kipp (USA), EMMA Z., Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Joey Medina (USA), Beautiful Violence, Film Short
Jonathan Berkh, Patryk Senwicki, Laura Ettel and Tahnee Nordegg (Austria), The Fragility of Reality, Experimental, Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays
Jordan Elizabeth Gelber and Thomas Kohut (USA), LEGIT, Women Filmmakers
Joseph Maddalone (USA), Have You Checked The Children?, Film Short (Student)
Joshua M. Abrams (USA), Malcolm & James, Web Series
Kehinde Bademosi (Italy), Sun & Petals, Public Service Programming / PSA
Ken Merritt (USA), Jesse’s Gift, Film Short (Student), Sound: Overall Impact (Student)
Ken Merritt (USA), Where Are You?, Music Video
Kent J. Arceneaux and David Luck (USA), A Stand for Damaged Fame, Actress: Leading (Jenn Gannon as Brittany Bancroft), Film Short
Kieran Coyle (United Kingdom), Swim, Documentary Short


Kimmo Moykky (United Kingdom), The Sons of RA, Experimental
Lauren Richmond (USA), Reginald the Flying Llama, Animation (Student), Children / Family Programming (Student)
Linda Lee (Canada), A Coral Call from the Maldives, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Original Score (Composed by Jeffrey Zielke)
Lisa Janae (USA), Common Characters, Documentary Short
Louis Lampard (United Kingdom), Mannequin, Experimental
Magnified Giving (USA), Roger Grein: An Empowering Philanthropist, Documentary Short
Maire Campbell (United Kingdom), Mix It Up, Actress: Leading (Savanna Burney Keatings as Ava ), Children / Family Programming, Women Filmmakers
Mara Cracaleanu (Romania), The Cry Of Silence, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Mari Makkonen and Riikka Silkala (Finland), Bohemian, Music Video
Mathieu Lévesque (Canada), Paysages, Experimental
Maureen Giblin (USA), Remembering Kochendorf, Documentary Short
Melissa Farris (USA), LONELY VOICES Grandparents Coping with COVID, Documentary Short
Melissa Piroutek (Brazil), Inheritance, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Michael Bihovsky (USA), Paperweight, Disability Issues
Michael Horn (USA), DECEPTION ON DEMAND, Documentary Short
Miguel Ferguson (USA), Two Marches, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Mikko Patrakka (Finland), Not The One, Music Video
Miriam Joanna (Austria), Sensation, Women Filmmakers
Moe Taylor and Kathryn Taylor (Costa Rica), Gelker in the Treehouse, Documentary Short, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples, Special Purpose Productions, Women Filmmakers
Mohamad Yaraghi (Iran), They Won’t Remember You, Film Short (Student)
Natalie Denise Sperl (USA), Caroline, Mobile / Cell Phone Media
Noah Logan (USA), Embryo, Film Short (Student)
Noemi Dumaplin (USA), Rules on Life After Lockdown, Web Tube Length Video (Student), Humor / Humorist (Student)


Patricia McCormack (United Kingdom), Myrtle, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Paul Elia (USA), Pro Forma and the Profit Prophet, Educational / Instructional / Training
Quinn Early (USA), The Shoulders of Giants, African American, Documentary Short
Robert DeSanti (USA), The Epilogue of Gregory Archambault, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Robert DeSanti as Gregory Archambault)
Rodrigo Alfonso (USA), Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body, Actor: Leading (Rodrigo Alfonso as Alvaro Alvarez), Latin / Hispanic
Romel Lanae Nusdorfer (USA), Ten, Film Short, LGBTQ+, Women Filmmakers
Rosa Vetrano (Canada), The Door, Film Short
Scott Michael Klumb (USA), Thriving on the Spectrum, Disability Issues
Se Jin Park (Korea), The Godly Apple Pie Recipe, Asian (Student), Creativity / Originality (Student)
Sharon Genshaft (USA), Lunch With Leslie, African American, Actress: Leading (Sharlene Hartman as Leslie)
Sheherzad Raza Preisler, Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema (USA), ZERO, Experimental (Student), Film Short (Student), Islamic (Student)
Sophia Costanzo (USA), Erin, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Steven Belcher (USA), Pill, Cinematography
Tane McClure (USA), Voyager 2150, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Tati Golykh and Anton Ernst (USA), Three Stops, Film Short
Taylor Jordan (USA), Savory, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Terry Melvin (Australia), The Cost of Sand, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Timberly Hope (USA), Waiting, African American, Women Filmmakers
Timothy Hawthorne (New Zealand), Closing Time, Film Short
Tom Rodgers (Australia), Billy Blue Eyes, Actor: Leading (Tom Rodgers as Pete), Actress: Leading (Jan Hant as Esther)
Tommy Petroskey (USA), Johnny, Film Short
Tony Giroux (United Kingdom), My Name Is., Documentary Short
Veronica T. Small (USA), SIPHON, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
William Mack III (USA), Eraceing: A Tale of a Black Jockey, African American
Yiran Bai (USA), NXT, Women Filmmakers (Student)

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