Award of Recognition September 2021

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Award of Recognition

Abbie Jackson and Alex Arnold (United Kingdom), Recovery, Film Short
Ahou Alagha (USA), little Adam example, Animation
Alexander Hugo (USA), Adrift in Time, Film Short
Alexander Lindman (Sweden), The Gunslinger, Actor: Leading (Alexander Lindman as The Gunslinger)
Alexei Chernenkoff (Canada), a stormy² day in July, Web Tube Length Video, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Amin Behravan and Mohammad Javad Balali (Turkey), Awakening, Film Short, Religion / Ethics
Amir Jaffer, Prana Pictures (USA), Bobby, Actor: Leading (Puneet as Dr. Subhash Mehra), Film Short, Actor: Supporting (Amogh Karwar as Bobby), Direction (Amir Jaffer)
Anna Pakman (USA), Social Fitness, Disability Issues
Arun Jacob (New Zealand), The Hitchhiker, Film Short, 48-Hour Film (Hamilton, New Zealand, 2021)
Ashley Ephraim and Dallas Madrid, BrightCap (USA), Sparky, Web Series
Austin Duke (USA), Super Dad, Film Short (Student)
Avijit Mitra (India), Taxi – An Uncertain Conversation, Actor: Leading (Shyam Dhanorkar as Kailash Bhau), Actress: Leading (Rajeshwari Sachdev as Madam Ji)
Barbara E. Guertin (Canada), Love in Transit, LGBTQ+ (Student)
Başak Ulusoy (Turkey), HUMAN, Creativity / Originality
Bill Grout (USA), Ten Points of Joy, Web Series
Bill Thibeault (USA), I’m Phil, Film Short
Brandon D. Wilkerson (USA), I’ll Be There 4 U: An Uber Story, Actress: Leading (Angelique Alita as Roxye), Actress: Supporting (Student) (Brianna Andrews as Laurel), African American (Student), Film Short (Student), Actor: Leading (Student) (Brandon D. Wilkerson as Doug)
Brandon P. Killham (USA), Bennys Bad Day, Film Short
Brenda Gillis (USA), Living Years, Disability Issues
Carmanie Bhatti (USA), The High Tea, Film Short
Caroleen Moise (Australia), Trouble, Documentary Short
Chris Hennessy (USA), The Stage; Following our Wildest Dreams, Television – Program Series, Actress: Leading (Amelia Robinson-Burmester as The Stage Fairy)

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Christopher Picone and Darren Wallach (USA)
, The Confined, Actor: Leading (Thomas J. O’Brien as Landry), Film Short (Christopher Picone and Darren Wallach), Editing (Christopher Picone), Ensemble Cast (Thomas J. O’Brien, Sabrina Zara and Joshua Diolosa)
CJ Ousley and Nana Akenten-Busia (USA), Outside, Actor: Leading (Student) (CJ Ousley as Jordan King)
Cooper Harrison Levy and Cole Harrison Walderman (Canada), Baba, Actor: Leading (Cole Walderman as Baba), Jewish
Darren J. Perry (United Kingdom), Roberta Lane, Film Short
David Joseph Fleshman (USA), Thanksgiving Day, Animation
David Joseph Nelson and Joseph Grant (USA), Mountain Fold, Film Short
Dempsey Lee Birmingham III (USA), A Fistful of Lead, Film Short, Christian
Dmitriy Arbatov (USA), Zion, Music Video
Donald Ralph Lampton (USA), OBOT-RAY, Script / Writer
Doug Stroup (USA), Trafficked, Actress: Leading (Annabelle Collins as Anna Davis)
Dr. Michelle Pierce Mobley and Curtis A Welch Jr. (USA), TabernacleTalks! – Episode: Brokenness, Christian, African American
Dr. Michelle Pierce Mobley and Curtis A Welch Jr. (USA), TabernacleTalks! – Episode: When Someone You Love Dies, Special Purpose Productions, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Dr. Michelle Pierce Mobley and Curtis A Welch Jr. (USA), TabernacleTalks! – Episode: The Painters Palette, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays
Eva M. Ingolfsdottir (USA), Orion 1925, Experimental
Francis Wu (USA), Never Too Late To Be A Hero, Public Service Programming / PSA
Francisco Gacuya (USA), CONSTANCIA, Movie Trailer
Garry Guerrier (USA), CLOSURE, Film Short
Ginger Dakin LLC (USA), Living on Borrowed Time, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Gio Formenti (Brazil), UNCOVERED: All Cunts Are Beautiful, Animation (Student), Educational / Instructional / Training (Student)
GS Rocha (Brazil), Parts of Us, Art Direction
Haley Keegan (USA), Everlasting Tape, Experimental
Halimah Iman (USA), Outside of Me, Islamic, Women Filmmakers
Iqbal Barkat (Australia), Light in Stones, Islamic, Religion / Ethics
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Jackee Jing and Pei Yao Xu (Canada), WAIT, Asian, Women Filmmakers
Jake Ajamian (USA), Jaded, Experimental (Student)
James C. Stewart (New Zealand /USA), I’m Okay…, Film Short
Jason D. Greene (USA), A Notion of Freedom, Special Purpose Productions, History / Biographical
Jason Kelly Lee (USA), At the Dentist, Film Short, Ensemble Cast
Jessica Gould (USA), O Sweet Woods, Arts / Cultural / Performance / Plays
Jingli Feng (United Kingdom), Echoes of A Stadium, Experimental (Student)
John Johnson (USA), The Gfiles, Documentary Short, Research
Joseph Messer (USA), I Am The Candidate, Music Video, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Joshua Campe (USA), Instruments of Jesus, Religion / Ethics
Joshua M. Abrams (USA), Malcolm & James (Season 1), African American, Animation
Juan Zadala and Yahaira Salazar (USA), Ants walking over an armpit, Mobile / Cell Phone Media
Juho Lee and Juseung Lee (Korea ), Two Different Eyes, Disability Issues
Kalen Lee (USA), Sticks and Stones, Women Filmmakers, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Kamali Culpepper (USA), Melatonin, Movie Trailer, Women Filmmakers
Kent J. Arceneaux and David Luck (USA), A Stand for Damaged Fame, Ensemble Cast, Humor / Humorist
Lindsay Levesque-Alam and Drew Murtaugh (USA), 20 Questions  – Episodes 1.01 “Pilot” & 1.02 “The Proposal”, Web Series
Louise Birgan (Australia), Waiting for Boris, Actress: Leading (Louise Birgan as Louise)
Lovie Johnson (USA), The SINS…, African American
Matthew Peter Rojas (USA), DIVA, Actress: Leading (Manda Mae Emery as Sharon Apple), Film Short
Melanie Belmonte (Spain), Matrixfication, Experimental

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Melanie Rivera Waldman (USA), Couples Therapy, Disability Issues
Michael Bihovsky (USA), Paperweight, Music Video
Mickel G. Burden (USA), Crossroads, Music Video (Student)
Mitch Waters, H2Os Video (USA), Ten Days of Peace, Documentary Short
Nancy Black (Australia), rEvolve, Experimental, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Natalie Denise Sperl (USA), Caroline, Actress: Leading (Natalie Denise Sperl as Caroline), Women Filmmakers
Noah Gleason (USA), Undersea News, Animation
Noah Logan (USA), Embryo, Production Design (Student)
Peter Strupp (USA), Cold Service, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Mary Magiera as Anna), Actor: Leading (Drew Armstrong as Beau)
Ray Knowledge, Serving the Peace (USA), SfTK (Service for The King)  The Movie, Film Short, Ensemble Cast
Roger Hill (USA), Tribes, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples, Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Roleph Dubreus (USA), It Takes Talent, Actor: Leading (Student) (Jon Meggison as Marcus)
Rosa Vetrano (Canada), The Door, Actress: Leading (Leandra Terrazzano as Cynthia), Women Filmmakers
Ryan Christopher Lesica (USA), Takeoff, LGBTQ+
Sam Hoggarth (United Kingdom), SIGNAL, Film Short, Actress: Supporting (Emma Howell as Darcy)
Samm Azen (USA), Masks, Experimental
Shacolby Shentell (USA), Next Lifetime, Film Short
Sharon Sadeghinia (USA), Call to Action, Documentary Short, Educational / Instructional / Training, Television – Pilot Program, Television – Program Series, Women Filmmakers

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Shihyun Wang (Taiwan)
, The Fulfilling of Prophecies – Summer 2021, Webisode
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), The End of the Road, Asian
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), Poems by Emperor Lee, Jin, Asian
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), Boy Wanted, Actress: Leading (Bella Yin as Ms Yang)
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), Warnings fulfilled in 2021’s first 15 crop circles, Webisode
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), A virtual spiritual tour of Miaoli Taiwan, Asian
Shihyun Wang (USA), Prophecy Doomsday – Tui Bei 46, Webisode
Shihyun Wang (USA), Messages from another time, Web / Internet Programming
Stephen Balsamo (USA), Cyclic Psychosis, Web Tube Length Video (Student), Experimental (Student)
Steven Belcher (USA), Pill, Film Short
Sudipta Chatterjee (USA), Ke Baba Hahalaba, Film Short
Sydney Richardson (USA), The Family Key, Women Filmmakers (Student), Film Short (Student)
Sydney Spaw (USA), Still, Film Short (Student)
Tatiany Furuse (Brazil), THE ART & THE WAY, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Disability Issues
Tatum Sanchez (USA), The Story of Betty and James, Film Short
Taya Walter (Canada), Candice and Amirah, Film Short
Tom Rodgers (Australia), Billy Blue Eyes, Film Short
Tommy Petroskey (USA), Johnny, Direction
Tony Giroux (United Kingdom), My Name Is., Contemporary Issues / Awareness Raising
Traci Brown (USA), Truth, Lies and Coverups, Television – Pilot Program, Women Filmmakers
Travis Dunn (USA), WeSEEabilities: Evan and Christopher, Disability Issues
Vadim Moskalenko (Russia), The Plantain, Actor: Leading (Sergey Sharovatov as Andrey), Film Short
WCB (Australia), WCB: Sigil, Music Video
Yuri Sasamoto (Japan), WHO IS BAD ??The shouting of Rock-and-roll Samurai?, Women Filmmakers, Original Score (Composed by Altruist)

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