Award of Merit September 2022

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Award of Merit Special Mention

Alana Stark (USA), The Lie, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Bobby Slaski as Eric Masters)
Bradford Robert King, Rodrigo Donoso and Kaycee Feild (USA), UnBroken, Documentary Short
Brittany Charlotte Smith and Kenzie Yango (Canada), The Care Giver, Actress: Leading (Brittany Charlotte Smith as Dr. Catharine Stowe)
Cameron Barrett (USA), Santa Cruz Water Safety 2022, Public Service Programming / PSA, Educational / Instructional / Training
Carolyn Jennifer Corkindale (Australia), The Fork in the Road, Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Cinematography
Derek Frederickson (USA), SPACE SHUTTLE: A Fairy Special Episode, Animation, Comedy Program / Series
Dick DeAngelis (USA), The Honey War, Animation, Documentary Short
Joe Benedetto (USA), Darwin Fick, Actress: Supporting (Eve Austin as Darwin Fick)
Joey White and Sabrina Dubner (USA), Rough Waters Run Deepest, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
John Rhode and Tanner Thomason (USA), BILLIE, Film Short


Julia Tutko-Balena (USA), Fortune Teller, Actress: Supporting (Julia Tutko-Balena as Fortune Teller)
Lance Hopper (USA), STAR WARS: Fallen Knights Proof of Concept, Film Short (Student)
Luis Palomino and Harlem J. Gunness, PhD, MPH (USA), Bring it to the People, Documentary Short, Educational / Instructional / Training
Mark Riccadonna (USA), Through Open Doors, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Sean Hoagland as Matt)
Sara Victoria Bjerre Pedersen (USA), S4V3 H3R, Women Filmmakers
Sarah Christina Teale and Carin van der Donk (USA), Living Loud, Women Filmmakers
Sean Patrick O’Reilly (USA), Pigasus: The Lost Paradise – Battle for Evermore, Animation
Sheri Effres (USA), Kevin, Actress: Supporting (Sheri Effres as Marjorie)
Vance Crofoot (USA), The Last Altruist, Actor: Leading (Nick W. Nicholson as Marco Corallo)
Vika Stubblebine (USA), Lonely Mary, Actress: Leading (Vika Stubblebine as Mary)

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Adam Gilmore and Tara Robertson (USA), Yearning for a Thursday, Experimental
Adam K. Allen and Josiah Duncan (USA), Slay, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Adam K. Allen as Rex Tendu), Actress: Leading (Diana O’Halloran as Rita), Direction, Ensemble Cast
Alexei D’Ath (New Zealand), A Christmas Cracker, Film Short
Ali Gholami (Iran), Rest Time, Asian
Alix Oliver and Julian Scalia (USA), Dead Serious: Beginning Before the End (Poc), Television – Pilot Program
Anastasya Alexandrovna Zasypkina (Russia), Freedom to fear, Film Short
Andrea Grant (USA), Modern Native, Actress: Leading (Andrea Grant as Andrea Grant), Native American / Aboriginal Peoples, Script / Writer, Music Video
Andrea Sambuccetti (USA), The Water Wall, Documentary Short
Andres Eduardo Gonzalez (USA), THE WATCHER, Film Short (Student)
Andrew Koltuniuk (USA), Neuro-Intimate, Film Short, Direction
Austyn Jeffs (USA), Heart of the City, Documentary Short
Bia Jurema (USA), Unwell, Experimental, LGBTQ+, Women Filmmakers
Bijan Bayat (Iran), The Wound of Fear, Film Short
Bill Aydelott (USA), No Limits, Disability Issues
Brian Schoof (USA), Fear of the Dark, Film Short, Editing


Bridget LeRoy (USA), Bodhi-Sativa, Cinematography
Brigid Media, LLC and Elgin Cahill (USA), Pasta, Script / Writer (Shannon K. Dunn)
Brittany Charlotte Smith and Kenzie Yango (Canada), The Care Giver, Health / Medicine / Science
Charles Shin (USA), SAINT DEATH, Film Short, Asian
Chris Zarb (Malta), The Black Pebble, Film Short
Christopher Villiers (United Kingdom), What Sadie Saw, Television – Pilot Program
Darshan Singh Bhuller (USA), NALA, Film Short
David Tittone (USA), Daddy’s Divas (Episode 5), Television – Program Series
David Tittone (USA), Daddy’s Divas (Episodes 2, 4, 6), Television – Program Series, Ensemble Cast
Deepa Mann-Kler (United Kingdom), Discover ME, Educational / Instructional / Training, Health / Medicine / Science
Dennis Tae Wook Kim (Canada), Memoirs (Of Monument and Mind), Animation, Film Short
Douglas Haddad (USA), Butterfield, Film Short
Dylan Brody (USA), A Small Act of Courage, Actor: Leading (Dylan Brody as himself), Experimental



Ewa Bielska (USA), Breaking Iron, Direction, Editing, Film Short
Gabriel Warburton (USA), Apocalypse for Dummies, Film Short
Gemma Atkinson (United Kingdom), Captives on the Frontlines: Yezidi Former Child Soldiers who Survived ISIS, Documentary Short
Giovanna Caruso (USA), Under the Waves, LGBTQ+, Women Filmmakers
Gregory Dayon (France), CC QUEEN – Common Sense, Music Video
Gregory Doucette (USA), THE PURPLE HAT, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Halime Usta (Turkey), COLD, DISTANT AND DIRTY, Film Short
Haoyang Fu (China), Uyghur Dolans, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Huibo Bai (China), Take Me to the Sea Across the Grasslands, Film Short
Inbar Caspi (Israel), Libby and I, Experimental
Jake Savitz (USA), Catch Her and Dance, Film Short
James Matthew Storm (USA), INSIDE LOOK: The Electric Cycle Racing League, Direction (James Matthew Storm), Documentary Short
Jennie Jarvis (USA), Connection, Script / Writer (Jennie Jarvis), Sound: Overall Impact (Jahmal Davidson and William Jamieson)
Jillian Vitko (USA), HoneyDough, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Jillian Vitko as Jackie)
Joe Benedetto (USA), Darwin Fick, Actress: Leading (Kristin Samuelson as Colleen Coles), Film Short


John Ferry (USA), Blood of Our Brothers, Documentary Short
Julia Tutko-Balena (USA), Fortune Teller, Actress: Leading (Petra Denison as Claire), Direction, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Keith Edward Szarabajka, Tony Pasqualini, Laura Stribling, Chuma Gault, Jack Szarabajka and Kazu Takeda (USA), In Search Of A P-I-G, Web Series
Kevin Joseph Nettles, Selton Entertainment (USA), Bambolina, Original Score (Composed by Jeffrey Hansell)
Kiara Lucinda Mezzina (Australia), Piece by Piece, Documentary Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Kimberly Smith (Canada), Severe Brain Injury Recovery; Shooting For The Stars, Disability Issues, Documentary Short
Lance Hopper (USA), STAR WARS: Fallen Knights Proof of Concept, Actor: Leading (Student) (Steve Ulman as Commander Strand)
Leona Krahn, George Orallo and Karen Tusa (Canada), Five True Friends, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Liz Wallace, Santa Fe Community College (USA), Shiwi-verse, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples (Student)
Luis Palomino and Harlem J. Gunness, PhD, MPH (USA), Bring it to the People, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
M C Young (USA), American Prerequisite, Asian
Marco De Biasi (Italy), La tela di Penelope – Penelope’s Canvas, Music Video
Mariam Osman Mohamed (USA), Pop Quiz, Islamic
Mark Chavez (Singapore), MITLA | Underworld, Experimental
Mark Riccadonna (USA), Through Open Doors, Actress: Leading (Hannah Beck as Charlie), Direction, Script / Writer


Michael D. Aguilar (USA), Bad Day, Actor: Leading (Michael D. Aguilar as Alex), Latin / Hispanic
Michael Dermansky (USA), Diana Comes Alive: Episodes 1-6, Web Series
Michael Holtzman (USA), Army of One, Music Video
Nicholas Linnehan (USA), Catfish?, Actor: Leading (Nicolas Linnehan as Nick)
Niek De Jongh (Belgium), Rotte, Actor: Leading (Stilian Keli as Kasper)
Omid Shenavar (Iran), Attila, Documentary Short
Pablo Big Head Arriagada (USA), The Head, Film Short
Pascale Neuschafer (South Africa), Tribe, Documentary Short
Pat McAbery (USA), The Ghosts They Carry, Documentary Short
Patrick Guera (USA), Don’t Do It, Film Short
Peter Carlos (USA), Gravity, Film Short
Peter Gardner (USA), Adventures With The Caretaker, Animation
Phan Ngoc Thanh Ngan (Vietnam), On The Edge, Film Short, Direction
Phil Wilson (USA), Caballito de Totora Surfriders of Peru, Documentary Short
Prof. Tim Wilson (United Kingdom), History of the Music Hall, Animation (Prof. Tim Wilson)
Ross Thomas, Ventana Wildlife Society (USA)
, Giants of Big Sur: California Condor Stories, Nature / Environment / Wildlife, Documentary Short
Shahab Naseri (Iran), Loran, Film Short
Stacy Singh (USA), Made In China, Direction, Film Short
Sut Ieng Lei (Macao), Room of 12878, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Tony Clomax (USA), 15 Minutes, African American
Tucker Debevec (USA), Compassion Spreads Like Wildfire:The Vicki Minor Story, Documentary Short
Xavier St-Roch (Canada), LAPSE, Film Short
Ziru Wang (USA), The Haunting Memory, Documentary Short (Student)


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