Award of Recognition September 2022

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Award of Recognition
Andrea Grant (USA)
, Modern Native, Direction, Original Score (Created by Andrea Grant, composed by James Goudreault), Narration / Voiceover Talent (Andrea Grant), Women Filmmakers
Anna Maria Christofidou (Cyprus), Disconnected, Actress: Leading (Marianna Neophytou), Women Filmmakers
Annette Wilson (USA), CRISIS SQUAD, Women Filmmakers
Anthony Aldapa (USA), Short Drive, Actress: Leading (Student) (Ashley Davidson as Sasha), Film Short (Student)
Blake Nolan Brown and B. Todd Davenport (USA), Jon Jon and Dickie: Backstage Pass, Ensemble Cast, Television – Pilot Program
Brian Wealand Kreider (USA), The Blue Eyed Six Short, Film Short, Actor: Supporting (James Douglass as TV station manager)
Bridget LeRoy (USA), Bodhi-Sativa, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Brigid Media, LLC and Elgin Cahill (USA), Pasta, Actress: Leading (Pam Renall as Ava), Actress: Supporting (Shannon K. Dunn as Linda)
Bruce Melton (USA), Climate Change Across America, Inglorious Events, Documentary Short
Cameron Barrett (USA), Every 15 Minutes, Use of Film / Video for Social Change, Women Filmmakers
Carl Emerton (Australia), I CRASHED MY DRONE IN TEXAS, Music Video
Cherish Cullins (USA), Living the Dream, Film Short
Chuck Price (USA), Floor 14 “Avarice”, Experimental
Dave Siriano (USA), 65, Christian, Creativity / Originality
David Tittone (USA), Daddy’s Divas (Episode 6), Comedy Program / Series

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Debbie Sutcliffe and Stan Harter (USA), BFD, Ensemble Cast, Narration / Voiceover Talent (Stan Harter), Script / Writer (Stan Harter)
Dick Fisher (USA), Choice, Direction, Cinematography
Douglas Haddad (USA), Butterfield, Actor: Supporting (Christopher W. Holmes as Renard)
Earl Shirley Jr. (USA), Flowers, Actress: Supporting (Janet Elkin as Tracey Elden), Film Short
Erica Faye (USA), Leavin’, African American
Erica Faye (USA), Behind Closed Doors, Christian
Erica Faye (USA), Generational Curses, Women Filmmakers
Giuseppina De Luca (Italy), Love Story Cinema Told in Works of Art, Christian
Haoyang Fu (China), Uyghur Dolans, Documentary Short (Student)
Harry Rabin (USA), The Adventures of Bad Drone, Animation, Television – Pilot Program  (Student)
iStage Entertainment (USA), Nest, Actor: Supporting (Jason Sun as Jacob Ma)
Jack Kockenmeister (USA), Path of the Damned, Film Short
James Matthew Storm (USA), INSIDE LOOK: The Electric Cycle Racing League, On-Camera Talent (James Matthew Storm, Amber Team Leader), On-Camera Talent (BJ Zarcone, Gold Team Leader ), On-Camera Talent (Raven Lafey, Ultra Violet Team Leader), On-Camera Talent (Lara Dudas, Director of Mission Control)
James Thomas Snyder (Uruguay), Customer Service, Film Short, Direction
Joseph M. Naman (USA), Uncle Mafia, Web Series (Student)

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Joseph Tobon (USA), The Turn, Film Short (Student)
Karen Goodman (USA), Dybbuk Remix: Dancing Between Worlds, Jewish
Kevin Joseph Nettles, Selton Entertainment (USA), Bambolina, Film Short
Kimber Leigh (USA), Imoceanation, Women Filmmakers
Kimberly Smith (Canada), Severe Brain Injury Recovery; Shooting For The Stars, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Editing
Kyle Kogan, Neal Cornell, Sergio Abuja Rodriguez and Dan Bruhl (USA), True Reviews, Web Series, Actress: Leading (Grace Dambier as Beatrice, Irisa J, Mystical Marishka, Christina D)
Leanora Romensky and Vanessa Makridis (Australia), Style Centeral, Web Tube Length Video
Liam Lui Martin (USA), Once Upon a Time by the Sea, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Mary Flanagan (USA), Metaphysical Reclamations, Experimental
Mason Barrett (USA), Heart, Mobile / Cell Phone Media (Student)
Montse Bertran Arqué (Spain), I AM, I STAY, I SMILE, Disability Issues
Nathan Jacques (USA), Live Out West, Documentary Short
Nizar Saleh Mohamed (Democratic Republic of the Congo), I Heard They Change Color, Film Short, Script / Writer (Kevin Dwyer and Hamed Mobasser)
Pepe Jiménez Espejo (Spain), The Taxidermist in the Museum, Experimental

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Peter Xifaras (USA), Children Of Conflict-Father’s Lament, Music Video
Peter Xifaras (USA), Children Of Conflict-Mother’s Lament, Music Video
Peter Xifaras (USA), Children Of Conflict-Lost Innocence, Music Video
Peter Xifaras (USA), Children Of Conflict-Prologue, Music Video
Rachel Janzen (USA), You Never Do, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Ramon Castillanes Tenoso and Peter D Deocos (United Kingdom), KATAGMAN, Documentary Short
Ramona L. Taylor (USA), Compassionate Release, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Ramona Leigh Taylor (USA), Sacred Vow, African American
Richard R. Nielsen (USA), Then and Now, Documentary Short
Robert T. (Tom) Reed (USA), Chasing Times, Direction, Film Short
Robert Xavier Clark (USA), Black People Don’t Tango, Film Short
Ronald Keith Salmon (Canada), Something about Sea Lions, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Rudy S. Salo and Abraham Lee (USA), Fortune Cookie, Experimental
Sabrina Dubner (USA), The Interns, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Sheridan Philipp (USA), De Nada, Film Short, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Shihyun Wang (Taiwan), Remote Energy in Action, Asian
Shihyun Wang (USA), No money, no credit, no problem, Web / Internet Programming
Shihyun Wang (USA), Nostradamus on drought – “Drought” warnings, Editing
Sophia Louisa Lee (USA), Olivia’s Journey: Believing to Dream, Documentary Short
Sophia Winters (USA), Game Plan, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Stella Sophia Ruud Zwart (USA), Traces of You, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Stephen M. Pepper (USA), Get Out of My Head, Film Short (Student)
Tane Uribarren, Martin Nava and Serhat Dogantekin, Wolf & Fox Films (Canada), Snowbird, Film Short
Vayav Sharma Gidwaney (USA), Loop of My Mind, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Wren Ruel Martin (USA), The Shape of Heaven, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
XuanFei Li (China), My Sweet Home, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Yevgeniya Regent (Ukraine), Meatballs, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Women Filmmakers (Student)

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