Award of Merit December 2018

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Award of Merit Special Mention

Adam Dietrich and Gilbert Elliott II (USA), Knowing, Film Short
Alex Astrella (USA), Trial By Fire, Documentary Short (Student)
Andres Padilla (USA), Slides, Animation (Student)
Bernardo Villarreal  (Canada), Polymorphia, Actor: Leading (Raresh DiMofte as Klaus Flue)
Brandan Haskell (USA), Saved By Grace, Original Score (Saved by Grace composed by Mark Slater)
Brenda Whitehall (Canada), Little Oliver, Women Filmmakers
Camilla Skagerstrom (Sweden), Let me dance, Documentary Short
Corbin Reid (USA), Blind Sight, African American
Kacie Stetson and Georgia Agnew (New Zealand), upside down, Actress: Leading (Jessi Williams as Emma)
Kasia Broussalian (USA), The Economic Consequences of Mr. Trump, Documentary Short
Katie Garibaldi and Marc Morgan (USA), Star in the East, Music Video
Lorena Sopi (Kosovo), RAY, Film Short
Maxwell Phillips, Tisch School of the Arts (USA), A Familiar Suspect, Post-Production Overall (Student)
Megan S. Smith (USA), bOObs: The War on Women’s Breasts, Documentary Short
Milton Adamou (USA), Highway Tea, Web Tube Length Videos
Paul Kampf (USA), Anonymous Content, Film Short
Peter Spann (Australia), Sydney, Actress: Leading (Jacqui Purvis as Callie), Actress: Supporting (Georgia Scott as Sydney), Film Short
Wesley Jamal Fleming (USA), EAGLEMAN, African American (Student)
William Reynish (Denmark), Home Grown, Animation

award of merit words

Aella Jordan-Edge (United Kingdom), Unclasped, Women Filmmakers
Ailan Flowers, Arjun Subramanian, Chloe McKenna, Jaze Tewid, Joeness Gana, Jollia Peter, Robert Gordon and RT Perin (Palau), Polluted Planet, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Alexandra Ann Spieth, Benjamin Viertel, Kyle Wilson and Lio Sigerson (USA), Blank My Life:  Goodbye New York, Hello Hell, Web Series
Alicia Shenreice (USA), Adonis Blue, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Anqi Wang (USA), The Great Wall, Asian (Student)
Austin Noll (USA), Open Wounds, Film Short
Brad Hansen and Ryan Moran (USA), Get Back, Film Short
Brandan Haskell (USA), Saved By Grace, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Spencer Trinwith as Francis)
Carolyn Corkindale (Australia), Wishing You Well, Children / Family Programming
Charles Anderson (USA), Sarah, Actress: Leading (Ryan Nicole Austin as Sarah)
Charley Peebler (Palau), Captain Coral, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Cherine Khoury (United Arab Emirates), Drive Back, Documentary Short
Cormac McCarthy (USA), American Dream Mall, Film Short
DaJuan Johnson (USA), My Life With Boys, LGBT
Dakota Peebler, Jerrett Martin, Blake Melairei, Braelyne David, Kali T Ongino and Rakunui Tepuni (Palau), The Past and the Present of Land-Sea Pollution, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Dan Deublein (USA), Rooted In Arizona, Film Short
Daniel Lee Pitcher (Australia), Broken Wings, Film Short
Dominic Scaglione (USA), The James Dean Effect, Film Short
Dr. Nicole Ranganath (USA), Walking into the Unknown: A History of Punjabi Women in California, Asian
Dylan Dreher (Ireland), Clocktower Christmas, Animation (Student)
Emma Catalfamo (United Kingdom), Kindling, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Frances de Larminat (USA), BEEKEEPING, Editing
Gary Centrone (Australia), The Thought of You, Christian
George Turnbull (Canada), Walking Together, Christian
Grace King (New Zealand), Treasure Junk, Film Short (Student)


Henriett Tunyogi (United Kingdom), Night Song, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Jennifer Parkhill (USA), Crying Wolf, Film Short (Student)
Joachim Weber (Germany), Fake News, Animation
Julia Price Baron (USA), Teeth, Women Filmmakers
Kacie Stetson and Georgia Agnew (New Zealand), upside down, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Kamea Ucheliei, Angelina Oh, Jennifer Roberto, Sumi Adolf and Kaya Rasa (Palau), Diverse Answers, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Laura Mickelson (USA), Cape Cod: A Journey to the Bigs, Documentary Short
Lindsy Campbell (USA), The Divorce, Women Filmmakers
Lowell Handler (USA), Terefu and Her Children, Documentary Short
Manick Sorcar (USA), An Illuminating Tribute, Experimental
Mark Allen Davis (USA), Helen, Documentary Short
Martin-Philippe Tremblay (Canada), Seven Seas, Film Short
Matilda Gala (USA), Dear Stranger, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Matt Holt and Wayne Kelly (United Kingdom), Emotional Distress, Actress: Leading (Eleanor Burke as Jessica Hayne), Experimental
Maxwell Phillips, Tisch School of the Arts (USA), A Familiar Suspect, Film Short (Student)
Mayumi Yoshida and Nach Dudsdeemaytha (Canada), Tokyo Lovers, Asian
Meena Ayittey (United Kingdom), HOME, Women Filmmakers
Mohamed Maged (Egypt), Trapped, Film Short, Concept
Nick Rees (Canada), Find/Love, Film Short
Pascal Pernix (Cayman Islands), We Will Live, Film Short
Patrick Alcedo (Canada), DANCING MANILENYOS, Documentary Short
Paul Pastore (USA), Serial School-Terry (2018), Web / Internet Programming
Peggy Callahan (USA), The Unit: Lessons On Living & Dying, Documentary Short
Penny Lee (USA), Through Chinatown’s Eyes: April 1968, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers


Peter Bob White (USA), Inner City Dreams, Documentary Short
Quinnolyn Benson-Yates (USA), Miss Rivers, LGBT
Raanan Rosenbaum (Israel), SHMELKY, Jewish (Student)
Rajiv Nair and Daniel Ostrem (USA), School of Peace, School of Hope, Documentary Short
Ranton Anjain, Isabellah Ankien, Chloe Patris, Rexid Kintaro, Shay Barton and Aliyah Tadao (Palau), Climate Change, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Rindy Ding and Lexi Brandt (USA), The Helping Hand, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Riyad Barmania (United Kingdom), Another Game, Film Short
Robin Hauser (USA), Tino, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Ronn Kilby (USA), SKIN: The Movie, Film Short
Roseman Matthew, Quirah Elechus, Carlos Hans Manuel, Genzo Gonzales, Emma Sanchez and Sarah Mola (Palau), Hidden Paradise – The True Colors of Palau, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Sam Tipper (United Kingdom), Victor, Animation
Samantha Saltzman (USA), Parent Teacher Conference, Women Filmmakers
San-San Onglatco (USA), In Circles, Women Filmmakers
Shaun Lupton (USA), Violet Rain, Film Short
Stephen Baxter (Canada), Rest Stop, Film Short
Stephen Preston (USA), Hidden Gem, Film Short
Steve Conry (USA), In Celebration of Wally, Documentary Short
Steve Sxwithul’txw (Canada), Leave It On the Water, Documentary Short
Tanner D Masseth (USA), BETTER, Film Short
Thee Khanthavit (Thailand), KO Scotty, Animation
Todd Jackson (USA), Romance Is Dead, African American (Student)
Victoria Watson and Chris Watson (United Kingdom), Ladder to You, Animation
Wendi Sun (USA), Off to care, Film Short (Student)
Yaren Zara Berg  (Germany), And me, Film Short

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