Award of Recognition December 2018

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Award of RecognitionAllen Obisesan (USA), THE LAST STRAW, African American
Ana Isabel Octavio (USA), Faire Le Pas, Actress: Leading (Student) (Isobel Hyland as Ella)
Andrew Garcia (USA), The Skin of Yesterday, Latin / Hispanic (Student)
Angela Zandbergen (Netherlands), Undolly, Children / Family Programming
Angelena Bonet (Australia), Break The Chain, Music Video
Anthony Barbarich (Australia), Social Butterfly, Music Video
Austin Taft (USA), BLUE LIES, Actor: Leading (Teo Ciltia as Ted)
Bader Al Shuaib and Mohit Pandey (USA), Don’t Go!, Actress: Leading (Laura Kane as Anna Wilson)
Barbara Holstein (USA), The Selfie Project, Educational / Instructional / Training
Benjamin Abiola (USA), The Break In, Film Short
Bill Pryor (USA), Killing Fool, Film Short
Brennan McGee (USA), Apartment 28, Film Short (Student)
Brian O’Connor (USA), The Seasons of Saguaro Sam, Animation
Bruce Blau (USA), Silent Therapy, Disability Issues, Film Short
Cameron Q Lui (USA), Kaleidoscope, Music Video
Carolyn Corkindale (Australia), Wishing You Well, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Casey Gullickson and Mat Dann (USA), Five Stars, Film Short
Casey Thordarson (Canada), Eldritch, Film Short
Cassie Chang (USA), Routine, Asian (Student), Film Short (Student)
Chandler Reese (USA), Every Memory Counts, Film Short
Charles and Mary Love (USA), San Francisco, Commercial / Infomercial
Charles Anderson (USA), Sarah, Film Short
Chris Kastelanac (Canada), Cheers to Reunions, Film Short

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Christopher Ortiz (USA), ARSON, Film Short
Cornell Calhoun III (USA), Van’s Ice Cold Lemonade, Film Short
Dr. Vertna Bradley (USA), A Corner In Brooklyn, Experimental
Frances de Larminat (USA), BEEKEEPING, Experimental, Creativity / Originality
Genesse Campos (USA), Blood Bonds, Film Short
Hamad A. Ali (USA), Mann & Quinn, Islamic (Student)
Henriett Tunyogi (United Kingdom), Night Song, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
James J. Macdonald (USA), Passage of Silt and Shell, Nature / Environment / Wildlife (Student)
Jamie Knox (Canada), The Wolf, Actress: Leading (Student) (Hanneke Talbot as Emma)
Jermaine Thomas (USA), Legacy:  Spirit of the Black Panthers, Documentary Short
Joe Laporte (USA), The Devil Lives in Clarksville County, Film Short
Joe Zito (USA), True Stories by Joe, Documentary Short
John Simpson (USA), Under Four Trees, Documentary Short
Johnny Vonneumann (USA), Pericles’ Ghost, Experimental
Josh Reid and James Hyams (Australia), diagnosis, Film Short
Kazuhito Yokomizo (Japan), bitter light, Film Short
Kerry Gamberg (Canada), CRUSH, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Marcia Thompson (United Kingdom), Just a Plastic Bottle, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Marcus Santi and Jason Van Sickel (USA), You Don’t Know Jack Squat 2: The Trial, LGBT
Margie Kelk and Lynne Slater (Canada), UnderSee, Animation
Maria Eleni Sitaropoulou (United Kingdom), conf-lict-dential, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Mario Imparato (Italy), Subliminal, Film Short
Michael J. Grundmann (USA), Breaking Free, Documentary Short

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Michelle Brezinski (Canada), FLIGHT NORTH, Documentary Short
Mike Birch, David Hill and Geoff Rice (United Kingdom), I Love My, Documentary Short
Mike Johnson (USA), DEAD RAGE, Film Short
Mike Johnston (Canada), Line of Fire, Film Short
Miranda Magee (United Kingdom), Already Dead, Women Filmmakers
Morgan White (USA), They Will, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest (Student)
Nancy Margulies (USA), Lies and Miracles: Childhood in a Siberian Labor Camp, Documentary Short
Nathan Ginter (USA), I Speak for the Trees, Film Short (Student)
Pascal Pernix (Cayman Islands), We Will Live, Actress: Leading (Hailee Robinson as Ella)
Rachel Sullivan and Xavier Velásquez (USA), Dirty Laundry, Film Short (Student)
Ray Nomoto Robison (USA), The Bullet of Time, Film Short
Rodney Roldan (USA), Remembering Private Quagliano, Documentary Short and Honor Thy Fallen: A Memorial Day Tribute, Documentary Short
Roman Xing (USA), The Saver, Asian
Ronaan McGrade and David Mc Cann (United Kingdom), Sgt Collins RIC, Film Short
Rowan Jang (Canada), Dark Day And Night, Film Short
Russ Lake and Geralyan Lasiuk, Out Of Plumb (USA), Turgid Toad, Music Video
Taylor Dahl (USA), Wolfdog, Film Short
Trevor Neuenswander (USA), HOTFLAKES, Actor: Leading (Student) (Adam Gilmore as Willie), Film Short (Student)
Will Thompson (USA), Related Destiny, Film Short
Wu Jia (China), White Dream, Disability Issues, Public Service Programming / PSA
Yiyang Xu (USA), Blue, Film Short (Student)
Yuki Ono (USA), DEFECTIVE, Film Short

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