Award of Merit June 2018

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Award of Merit Special MentionAkeba Gaddis (USA), First Love, Actress: Leading (Valeka J. Holt as Kaiya)
Andree Ljutica (USA), Punta Cana, Film Short
Arden Tse (USA), Run This, Vinida x DJ Mustard, Music Video
Brandon Ravet (USA), Optimistic Realist, Jewish
Cesar Roman (USA), Agony, Actor: Leading (Willy Martin as Kike), Actress: Leading (Omara Garcia as Isabel)
Chris and Maurice Micallef, CMM Productions (Malta), Kannizzati Fishing, Documentary Short
Christine Papalexis (USA), Amaterasu, Animation, Women Filmmakers
Delphine Montaigne (France), Dna Of Wild Beasts, Women Filmmakers
Dr. Maria T. Luskay and Aime Rodriguez Semder (USA), Puerto Rico: Hope in the Dark, Documentary Short (Student)
Fred Zhang (Hong Kong), The Silent, Film Short
Gaetano Vastano (USA), Connect with Art, Disability Issues
Martin Taidy (Indonesia), Fugitive, Film Short
Michael Killen and Beth Voltz (USA), SHOEBOX, Film Short, Cinematography
Michael Murphy (USA), Maxine The Hero, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Maddy Caddell as Marley Malcom), Cinematography, Original Score (Maxine The Hero composed by Michael Visalli), Direction, Editing
Morgan Gould and Nate Trinrud (USA), The Last Great American Web Series, Web Series
Muhammad Belaal Imran (Pakistan), Just a cup of tea, Asian
Nina Kojima (Slovenia), Libido, Film Short (Student)
Paul Schwartz (USA), Time Can Break Your Heart, Original Score (Time Can Break Your Heart composed by Paul Schwartz)
Philip Rachid (United Arab Emirates), SHE, Documentary Short
Sébastien Lasserre and Alexandre So (France), Pipas & Douglas – The Princess and the Dragon, Animation
Yingna Wu, China Central Television (China), Migrant Sons, Documentary Short
Zoe Doyle (Ireland), Once Upon A Time In Dublin, Special Purpose Productions

award of merit words

Abigail Hepner Gross and Sam Fishman (USA), Walking Through Fire, Disability Issues
Adam Berley and Anna Luft (USA), #NoFilter episode – #bugbombed, Webisode
Adrian Pacini (USA), SONA, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Agnieszka Wanicka, Warsaw Film School (Poland), A Ticket to the Cinema, Film Short (Student)
Akeba Gaddis (USA), First Love, Christian, Original Song (I Know You composed by Troy MacCubbin and Alloy Tracks)
Alan Chriest (USA), The Baby Project, Film Short
Amanda Arenado (USA), My Cuba, Documentary Short
Anderson Clark (USA), When the World Changed, LGBT
Andrea Fantauzzi (USA), Letters from a Father, Women Filmmakers
Andrew Baldwin (USA), Cockroaches, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Anna Haas and Katie Garibaldi (USA), Unhappy Holiday, Music Video
Anna Hildebrandt (Australia), Beyond the Bubble, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Augustus Meleo (USA), Dreadspace, Film Short (Student)
Berin Tuzlic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), HAPPYDEMIA, Animation
Bill McGarvey and Stella Rosen (USA), Broken Lullaby, Music Video
Bonnie Foster (USA), Sweet Surrender, Women Filmmakers
Brandon Butler (USA), Last Call, Actress: Leading (Lauren Moreno as Andy)
Carl Andrew Molina (USA), JORY, Asian (Student)
Carla Dauden (USA), Love Again, Lizzie Weber, Music Video (Student)
Caroline Callender, Silver Liftin (USA), T(HE)Y, Documentary Short, LGBT (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Casson Demmon (USA), Mancave, Film Short
Charles Robbin Lee, New York University (USA), Stygian Path, Asian, Experimental, Film Short (Student)
Christian Kleinsmith (USA), Florida Man, Film Short
Christopher Angus (Canada), Futureworld, Animation
Christopher Frint (USA), Don’t Worry About It, Actor: Leading (Tristen Bankston as Miles), Film Short
Eliot Gurrin (USA), Lisa At Large, Television – Pilot Program, Television – Program Series
Elodie Turpin (Canada), The Angel’s Secrets, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Gabriel Coffey (USA), The Most Amazing Feeling in the World, Documentary Short
Gregory L. Williamson (USA), Private Life, Film Short, LGBT


Guilherme Pedra (USA), Elsewhere, Experimental (Student)
Helena Karadimos (USA), ARE YOU AWAKE, Film Short
Hidde de Vries (Netherlands), Like, Film Short
Howard J Davis (Canada), C’est Moi, Documentary Short and Sikhokele – DRFTR, Music Video
Ivana Noa (Belgium), Fictional Characters, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
J. Gordon Reynolds (USA), Bud Light Sippin’, Music Video
Jade Yuan (USA), Love Trumps, Asian (Student)
Jeff Fry (USA), Krieg, Special Effects: Animation (Brandon McMenamin)
Jessica Crossman (USA), The Best Time, Experimental, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Joel Cocciolone (USA), Cup of Coffee, Film Short
Jonathan Roberts (USA), Million by Midnight, Film Short (Student) and Recovery One, Film Short (Student)
Juan Sebastian Valencia (USA), Invisible Love, Film Short
Julie Gribble (USA), In Studio, Film Short
Karen Buchsbaum and Koorosh Farchadi (USA), Harvests of Hope: New Orleans, Web Series
Karen Veninga-Zaricor (USA), Condolences, Women Filmmakers
Katya Kan (United Kingdom), Wicca Reincarnate, Documentary Short (Student)
Ken Kobre (USA), Walk walk walk: The story of Stand Proud, Disability Issues
Kristian Bakstad (Canada), Eden, Film Short
Lola Rùi (USA), The Door, Actress: Leading (Lola Rùi as She), Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Actor: Leading (James Augustus Lee as He)
Luciana Caplan (USA), Torment, Disability Issues, Film Short, Movie Trailer, Women Filmmakers
Luciana Caplan and Sophano Van (USA), Famous Little Girls, Actor: Supporting (Michael Joseph as Jenny’s Father)
Maggie Burnette Stogner (USA), In the Executioner’s Shadow, Documentary Short
Majella O’Shea and Gail Watson (Australia), Rumi With A View, Women Filmmakers
Marcus Aubin and Hannah Bonecutter (USA), Minstrel vs. Puppet, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest (Student)
Mari Jeaneth Olan (Philippines), The Unthinkable, Film Short (Student)
Mariah Jones (USA), Anita, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Meg Howald, Marshall Stonefish and Darr Sands (Canada), Honest People, Actor: Leading (Christopher Garry as Brett Chandler), Actress: Leading (Maria Piccoli as Hanna Medici)
Mia Fiona Kut (Canada), Sonder, Actress: Leading (Mia Fiona Kut as Aveline), Asian, Film Short


Michael Murphy (USA), Maxine The Hero, Script / Writer
Michael Witkes (USA), Interested In, LGBT
Michele Raymond (USA), Hydrophobia, Web Tube Length Video (Student)
Mikayla Myers (USA), Doctor, Doctor, Film Short
Nargess Phillips (USA), Buenos Aires Meets Havana, Film Short
Nicholas Goodwin (USA), Shadow, Film Short
Nick Jones (USA), Doulo, Film Short
Nick Theurer and Matthew Roch (USA), Deceit, Film Short
Nina Kojima (Slovenia), Libido, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Patrick Mugosa (Canada), Restoration: A Refugees’ Story, Documentary Short
Paul Schwartz (USA), Time Can Break Your Heart, Film Short, Actor: Leading (John Doman as George), Actress: Leading (Dena Tyler as Marian), Direction
PIP Animation Services Inc., Brandon Lloyd & Joel Shemrock (Canada), Jamie’s Paper Train, Film Short
PIP Animation Services Inc. (Canada)
, Purr-fectly Rude Awakening, Animation
Rayane Cunha (Brazil), Invisible, Animation
Richard Anthony Dunford (United Kingdom), Peephole, Film Short
Robert Florio and Darce Florio (USA), The Choice, Film Short, Script / Writer, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery
Robyn Babina (USA), Nevermore, Film Short
Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon and Dani Bowman (USA), Somebody NEEDS You, Disability Issues
Sergey Yakovlev (Russia), The Rescued, Film Short
Shiyue Xu (USA), Locust Tree, Disability Issues (Student)
Silvy Guekguezian (USA), Blue Ribbons, Disability Issues, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Stefan Matis (Canada), The Curators, Documentary Short
Stephen Dysert (USA), Save the Date, Film Short (Student)
Timothy Puder (USA), Emergence, Film Short (Student)
Tony Benna (USA), ROCKET, Film Short
Tyler A. Chase (USA), Animal Crackers (Pentimenti), Actress: Leading (Krista Blomberg as Sylvie)
Xavier Guignard (United Kingdom), The Conductor, Actress: Leading (Anne Ribiere as Emma)
Yael Rosen (Israel), Junction, Jewish (Student)
Yingna Wu (China), Beijing Is Not My Home, Documentary Short
Yuchi Ma (USA), I can only talk to you When I stand in shadows, Asian, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Zhen Pan (Peter) (USA), I Heard the Flowers Blooming When I Was Eighty, Film Short (Student)
Zhongwen Hu (China), Faceshop, Animation

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