Award of Recognition June 2018

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Award of RecognitionAbigail Zita Seshie (Ghana), Girls’ Education in Ghana-The voices from within, Special Purpose Productions (Student)
Alejandro Trejo (Mexico), Wild lovers, Film Short
Alexis Murray (USA), The Quest for Kaffee und Kuchen, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Ali Kamanda (USA), KOMBRA, Film Short
Angelena Bonet (Australia), Change The World, Documentary Short
Apostolypeter Kouromalis Toly Ak (Canada), Her Little Black Book, Experimental
Austin Rappold (USA), The Girl, Film Short
Austin Taft (USA), BLUE LIES, Film Short
Bonnie Foster (USA), Sweet Surrender, Music Video
Brenna Leigh Noguez and Ashley Alva (USA), Lost N Found, LGBT
Carlos Carrasco (USA)
, One, Film Short
Carson Berger (USA), Bloody Thoughts, Film Short
Chris and Maurice Micallef, CMM Productions (Malta), Kannizzati Fishing, Movie Trailer
Colin Borden, Keagan Karnes, Sheridan O’Donnell, Ryan Jason Cook and Robert Dugan (USA), Thank You, 5, Web Series
Coreetta Buchan (USA), Trials Of Volkore Part 3, Experimental
Corey Graham (USA), The Intersection, Christian
Dahol Otoide (Canada), Me Too, Film Short
Dan Zhou (China), The Longest Day, Asian (Student)
Danielle Valdez (USA), Double Occupancy, Film Short (Student)
David Wallace (USA), Encore LIVE, Christian
Donnie Dodge (USA), A.E. Wells- A Man and His Park, Documentary Short
Ella McKeon (USA), Butterfly, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger

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Emeka Awa (USA), Skippy Kills Ku Kluxers, Animation
Frank Gunderson (USA), N’goma – The Work of Our Clan, Documentary Short
Ian Corrales (USA), Hot Dog, Film Short
Jake Villadolid (USA), Where We Grew, Film Short
Jason Honeycutt (USA), Leland, Asian
John Celona (Canada), Come Sweet Earth 1234, Experimental
John Krissilas and Lena Burmenko, Tomato & Cheese Productions (Canada), Marked Web Series Episode 1: Scars Re-opened, Web Series
Jordan L. Riley (USA), Existence: Age of Discovery, Editing (Student) (Phillip Pridmore and Jordan L. Riley)
Joseph Lawson (USA), A Conversation with Myself., Actor: Leading (Joseph Lawson as 30 man / 20 man)
Julian  Buchan (USA), Real Lemons, LGBT
Justin DiPego (USA), #1915House, Web / Internet Programming
Katherine Yoon (Korea), A Journey to A Dream, Asian (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Kelly Maher (USA), The Red Thread, Actress: Leading (Grace Narducci as Faith Dubito), Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Kirk Leidy and Anthony Bambocci (USA), Almost Grownups, Television – Pilot Program
Ladan Sahraei (Canada), Dunham Deaf Boy, Disability Issues (Student)
Linda Stuart (USA), Kate Allen Is Getting A Life, Women Filmmakers
Luciana Caplan and Sophano Van (USA), Famous Little Girls, Actress: Supporting (Isabela Fowler as Young Coco Chanel), Children / Family Programming, Film Short, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Movie Trailer, Women Filmmakers
Lynnette Taylor (USA), Bias Tape, Experimental, Women Filmmakers
Mark Ross (USA), Enthusiasm Abounds, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Masao Konno (Japan), It’s also love, Film Short
Max Internoscia (USA), Bored, Film Short (Student)

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Meg Howald, Marshall Stonefish and Darr Sands (Canada), Honest People, Actor: Supporting (Andre Cormier as Ray Sandhu)
Paco Arasanz (Spain), Supervivere (The Escape), Film Short
Patrick Westman and Karl Westman (USA), Sipper, Commercial / Infomercial
Ray Hungria (USA), JENNI *, Latin / Hispanic
Robert Florio and Darce Florio (USA), The Choice, Actress: Leading (Flávia Costa as Cristina)
Roxanne Varzi (USA), Tehran Tourist, Women Filmmakers
Ryan Murtha (USA), Gehenna, Film Short
Samantha Morris (USA), Christmas Morning, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Samuel Lancaster Audette (USA), Between The Eagle’s Heads, Documentary Short
Satoshi Kameoka (Japan), Another You Another Me, Film Short
Shigeru Iwabuchi (Japan), Unwanted Child, Asian
Sonny P. Louis (USA), Death, Film Short
Stanislava Ivy (Bulgaria), Cinema Confidential, Web Series
Stefan Tegelj (Australia), The Adventures and Misadventures of a Nameless Woman, Experimental (Student)
Steven J R Lawson (United Kingdom), Man-At-Arms, Animation
Tellef Johnson (USA), The Operators, Film Short
Todd Kwiatkowski (USA), My Uncle Eddie, Disability Issues
Tyler Townsend (USA), Tender, Film Short
Tyrik Washington (USA), Correlation, Actress: Supporting (Sonia Conlin as Pam)
Vintrell Jones (USA), Break Free, African American (Student)
Yuchi Ma (USA), I can only talk to you When I stand in shadows, Actress: Leading (Student) (Susan Lin as Xiu)
Zoe Kissel (USA), Juice, Film Short (Student)

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