Award of Merit March 2019

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Award of Merit Special Mention

Allison Acosta and Trisha LaFache (USA), 6 Angry Cubans, Latin / Hispanic, TV – Program Series
Andrew Brame (USA), Polka., Film Short
Brianna Garber, Kent Mast and Lauren Zehr (USA), We’ll Hunt It For You, Commercial / Infomercial
Cameron Watson (USA), LANDINGS, Film Short
Catherine Cobb Ryan (USA), Season of Passage, Actress: Leading (Catherine Cobb Ryan as Cate)
Chris Stuckmann (USA), Notes From Melanie, Actor: Leading (Mason Heidger as Joe), Actress: Leading (KateLynn E. Newberry as Melanie), Film Short
Education Bureau (China, Hong Kong), A Plastic Ocean (Interrogative Sentences (4)), Educational / Instructional / Training
Evan Michael, Zak Johnson and Ken Gayton (USA), THIS JUST IN!, Webisode
Gabe Schmidt (USA), How to Make a Movie, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Gabriel Garcia and Josh Garcia (USA), The Man From Gath, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Jake Ajamian (USA), If I’m Without You, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, Film Short  (Student)
Junlin Sun (China), Distant Close, LGBT (Student)
Leonardo Nussenzveig (USA), Landscape, Film Short (Student)
Massimiliano Finazzer Flory and Filippo Feel Cavalca (Italy), Being Leonardo Da Vinci, Actor: Leading (Massimiliano Finazzer Flory as Leonardo da Vinci), Film Short
Matthew Rojas (USA), Always on Time, Actress: Leading (Danielle Wheeler as Julia)
Michael Forsch and Zak Fin (USA), Burro, Film Short
Peter Spann (Australia), Zebra, Film Short
Raymond Pangilinan (Philippines), By the sea, Film Short
Rebecca Cappelli and Abhi Anchliya (Singapore), Let us be Heroes – The True Cost of our Food Choices, Documentary Short
Sarah Goras Peterson (USA), I See The Roses, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Public Service Programming / PSA
Serkan Öztürk (Germany), Dictators Dont Die, Film Short
Stavroula Toska, Cady McClain, Laurie Weltz and Katie Maguire (USA), SWITCH, Web Series
Ting-Wen Lo, Taiwan Original Vision Communication Co., Ltd. (Taiwan), Hope at the Brink: The Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Werner Mueller (Austria), Oskar Schindler’s Difficult Heritage, Jewish

award of merit words

Alex Godfrey (United Kingdom), Requiem, Nature / Environment / Wildlife (Student)
Anastasia Kochetkova (USA), Late Again Ana, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Andres Ramirez (USA), Shutter, Actor: Leading (Student) (JT Harper as Charley), Actor: Supporting (Student) (Justin Hernandez as Mark), Film Short (Student), Sound: Overall Impact (Student) (Jae Hyuk Jang), Cinematography (Student) (Alex Zajicek), Direction (Student) (Andres Ramirez)
Anthony Patellis (USA), Hooked, Webisode, Web Series
Arnie Lerner (USA), The Gardenator Challenge, Educational / Instructional / Training
Asher Crispe (USA), Quantum Torah, Jewish
Austin Dragovich (USA), Resolve, Women Filmmakers, Ensemble Cast, Original Song (I Can’t Lose You written and performed by Poonam Basu and produced by Scott Friedman), Script / Writer, Lighting
Barbarella Fokos (USA), THE MAYFLOWER, Women Filmmakers
Becky Boggs (USA), Nice Things, Experimental
Bichen Yang (USA), In Absentia, Film Short (Student)
Bobby Serros (USA), Lullaby, Film Short
Carlo Hofmann and Dietrich Heller (Austria), NO LIES, Documentary Short
Carolyn Corkindale (Australia), Future Harvest, Film Short
Catherine Cobb Ryan (USA), Season of Passage, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Chia-Hsin Lee (USA), In an Empty Wood, Experimental (Student)
Chia-Lin Tan, Deepwaters Digital Support INC. Ing-Jer Huang, National Sun Yat-Sen University (Taiwan), IT Superhero, Documentary / Series, Health / Medicine / Science
Chris and Maurice Micallef, CMM PRODUCTIONS (Malta), THE NORMANS, Documentary Short


Christian Stark (USA), Vers La Lune, Film Short
Chuck Marra (USA), Repercussions, Women Filmmakers
Colton Machado (USA), Clips, Film Short
Corbin Reid (USA), Blind Sight, African American
David E. Valdez (USA), Sin Vergüenza – (Without Shame), Latin / Hispanic
Desiree Cooper and Oren Goldenberg (USA), The Choice, African American, Liberation / Social Justice, Women Filmmakers
Eduardo Ramirez (USA), Beautiful, Diverse, Fun!, LGBT, Special Purpose Productions
Education Bureau (China, Hong Kong), Healthy Community, Educational / Instructional / Training
Education Bureau (China, Hong Kong), Air – Experimentation (1), Educational / Instructional / Training
Education Bureau (China, Hong Kong), Shadow Thief, Children / Family Programming
Francisco Ramirez (USA), Fruit Fly, Television – Pilot Program
Igor Runov (USA), Big Lies, Documentary Short
Irena Murphy (USA), Don’t Yell For Help, Film Short
Jeff Kanew (USA), White Christmas, Actress: Leading (Student) (Camryn Kanew as Nikki), Film Short
Jeremy Bandow, A Wheel House and NightFox Films co-production (USA), 100,000 Miles a Second, Disability Issues
Joud AlAmri (USA), Perchance, Film Short, Islamic, Women Filmmakers
Judy Jackson (Canada), Walk With us, Documentary Short
Julian Olariu (France), ZED’S DREAM, Experimental
Junmin Wang (USA), THE VICTIM, Film Short (Student),  Liberation / Social Justice  (Student)
Kain Baigent (Australia), Ghosts That Cry in the Dark, Actor: Leading (Kain Baigent as Armand Bouton)
Kyle Saylors (USA), Against The Wall, Documentary Short
Lily Evelyn Mitchell (USA), FUGUE, Women Filmmakers


Mario Imparato (Italy)
Maryana Palmer (USA), Invisible Children of LA, Movie Trailer
Matthew Hickney (USA), Clowns, Film Short
Molly Gazay (USA), Life EDU, Women Filmmakers, Actress: Leading (Elizabeth Owens as Charlotte Holloway)
Myron John Tataryn (Canada), Dreamer, Film Short
Nadia Jordan (USA), EVELYN & ELMER, Film Short
Nancy Margulies (USA), Lies and Miracles: Childhood in a Siberian Labor Camp, Documentary Short
Nerea Vera (Netherlands), Tierkreis, a music fashion film, Experimental
Nicolas Bosc (USA), Rose, Film Short
Nicole Tay and Tina Xu (USA), Tomato & Eggs, Asian
Ólöf Birna Torfadottir (Iceland), Everything Nice, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Parker Cooley (USA), POST TRUTH | or A Frustrating Experience with the Internet, Experimental
Philippine de Saint-Exupéry (France), THE LITTLE TENANTS, Documentary Short
Pol Barrós (Spain), CODA SACRA, Film Short
Rachel Epstein (Canada), Hi Mrs. Friedman!, LGBT (Student)
Rafael Hernán Gamboa (USA), Violet, LGBT
Reynol Trevino (USA), The Device, Film Short
Riley Wood (USA), Lucky, Television – Pilot Program
Ronnie Zidon (Israel), @Sunny, LGBT (Student)
Ross Barron, Andrew Neymarc, and Remy Neymarc (USA), Sticks & Stones, Actor: Leading (Ross Barron as Adam), Film Short
Ryuji Kamiya (Japan), I’m here., Film Short
Sara Hermann (Switzerland), Icarus Rising, Women Filmmakers
Scott Fiander, VSF Animation Inc (Canada), BumbleBee Forgets Mother’s Day, Animation
Scott Payne (United Kingdom), ABSINTHE, Film Short
Seth Chatfield (USA), Winkville, Film Short
Shawnette Heard (USA), The Witching Hour, Film Short
Shukai Wang (USA), Banker by the Lake, Asian (Student)
Sid Singh (USA), Soul De Selene, Music Video
Steve Cachero (USA), Over. Above. Beyond., Music Video
Theodora Richter (USA), SCHNEEWEISS (SNOW WHITE), Music Video
Todd Lillethun (USA), The Quit, LGBT
Vala Ómarsdóttir (Iceland), Daughters, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Vassilis Dimou (Greece), The House, Film Short
Victoria Marie (USA), Gray Is The New Blonde, Movie Trailer
Wenbo Si (USA), Confession, Film Short (Student)

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