Award of Recognition March 2019

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Award of RecognitionAgustin Goodwin (USA), The Pseudo Shanghai, Film Short
Ali Matlock (USA), One Last Spin, African American
Amy Gerber (USA), Do Cell Towers Dream of Morse Code?, Experimental
Andres Ramirez (USA), From Charlie, with Love, Experimental (Student), Film Short (Student)
Anthony Bates (USA), SHARK, Actor: Leading (Anthony Bates as Romeo)
Austin Dragovich (USA), Resolve, Creativity / Originality
Bao Chunyu (USA), Andy Yang’s 1.5 Generation, Documentary Short (Student)
Bryan Sapphire, Eric Darnell Redding and Katherine King (USA), More Cake, Actor: Supporting (Bryan Nash-Sapphire as Henry), Film Short
Caleb Arend and Aliya McReynolds (USA), Boy on the Track, Film Short
Carly Telford (Canada), Beard Cover, LGBT (Student)
Celia Freed (USA), Unawakened, Film Short (Student)
Chia-Lin Tan, Deepwater Digital Support Co. (Taiwan), Goodbye Southern Tainan Train Station, Children /Family Programming, Arts / Cultural / Performance
Chris and Maurice Micallef, CMM PRODUCTIONS (Malta), THE NORMANS, Movie Trailer
Cris Thorne and Desmond Thorne (USA), Dependence, Web Series

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Dan Gelles (USA), Assassin Camp, Film Short (Student)
David MacLean (Canada), Bounce, Film Short
David Solomon (USA), Apathetic Epidemic, Film Short
David Studebaker (USA), David’s Ark, Webisode
Donald Tjernagel (USA), RED, Film Short
Dr. Vertna Bradley and Michelle R. Britto, LMSW (USA), Mystic Lotus, Experimental
Elmer J. Howard (USA), Loving Martin, LGBT
Erick Galindo (USA), Painting Kobe, Documentary Short
Francesco Minarini (Italy), Game Over (A Giochi Fatti), Film Short
James Anthony McElligott, JamesDocs (Canada), Ice hockey Orphans, Documentary Short, Movie Trailer
Jeffrey William Tenney (USA), Heads, Film Short
Jeremy Mowery (USA), Upstream, Animation
Jesse Ferguson (USA), Lily, Film Short (Student)
Jonny Lewis (USA), Here’s Your Flag, Film Short
Joseph Neuman (USA), ALT + <3, Actress: Leading (Lisa Christine Holmberg as Alice)
Julia Deak (Hungary), Noises and silences, Film Short
Kaylin Metchie (Canada), Mystery Meat, Women Filmmakers
Kent J Arceneaux and David Luck (USA), Brunch before Baptism, LGBT
Kevin Veatch (USA), The Wacky Windup Circus, Experimental

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Kurt Kubicek (USA), Come Die With Me, Film Short
Laura Dorn (United Kingdom), Fragments, Experimental, Women Filmmakers
Marie Depoortere (United Kingdom), FAITH, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Melissa Michaels and Henna Taylor (USA), TWISTED GIFT, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Micah Ellars (USA), The Killer Postman Trailer, Movie Trailer
Nan Schimid (USA), Baby Crabby Pants – 15 Minutes, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Paayel Chouudhury (India), the forbidden love, LGBT
Rodney Roldan (USA), Stories from the Unknown, Movie Trailer
Roshan Hill (Australia), I WANT TO DO IT, Film Short (Student), Women Filmmakers (Student)
Ruben Avitia (USA), Just The Tip, Webisode
Ryan Stuart (Australia), Daily Success – 24 hours with Peter William Taylor, Film Short
Tee Tunnell Harris (USA), Love Happens, Film Short
Teresa Taylor (USA), Global Dance Heroes – Global Inspiration!, Documentary Short
Tony Tanglei (China), Little Caesar, Film Short
Travis Patten (USA), Debrief, Film Short (Student)
Tyler Adams (USA), Reap What You Sew, Documentary Short
Tyler Schlipf (USA), Mental Facade, Disability Issues (Student)
Xiwen Zhang (USA), where is happiness, Women Filmmakers
Yvette Hochberg (USA), Riding with the Rabbi, Film Short
Ziyang Wang (USA), AcuCulture, Documentary Short (Student), Asian (Student)

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