Award of Merit September 2020

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Award of Merit Special Mention

Alejandra Alcala and Francisco Alcala (Spain), NO SINGLE ORIGIN, Documentary Short
Alex Arnold (United Kingdom), Stay, Actor: Leading (Alex Arnold as James), Film Short, Actor: Supporting (Michael Southgate as Tom), Direction, Editing
Arctic Qu (Australia), Fragments of Red, Experimental (Student)
Arnold Shin (Korea), WHAT IT TAKES, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Ava Bounds (United Kingdom), PLAYERS, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Carolyn Jennifer Corkindale (Australia), The Silent Song, Film Short, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest, Women Filmmakers
Chealy Jean (USA), The Baker, Documentary Short
Christaan Felber (USA), From Heaven is Cali, Documentary Short
Christine Tannous (Canada), Everything’s Fine!, Film Short
Connor Williams (USA), Affection, LGBT (Student)
Devi Morgan (USA), Like Daughter, Like Mother, Film Short
Francesca Di Marco (USA), Who Won the War, Documentary Short
Fred Gallo (USA), Oddly Popular, Television – Pilot Program, Television – Program / Series
Guy Ettlin (Canada), Spark, Experimental
Hannah Michielsen (Canada), Ingredients, Actor: Leading (Daniel Maslany as Sam), Actress: Leading (Eileen Li as Fred), Film Short, Direction (Hannah Michielsen)
Hossein Mirzamohammadi (Iran), Akam, Film Short
Jiayue Yuan (Canada), Rainbow Clinic, LGBT
Jim Winton Porter (Australia), Light, Actress: Leading (Hanni Witt as Liv)
Joe Lam (USA), Fugitive Zero, Film Short
Joe Stanton Kelly (USA), SaaSy, Web Series
Jordan Hill (USA), Prodigal, Film Short (Student)
Joslyn Rose Lyons (USA), Looking Glass, Film Short
Ken Sagoes (USA), The McHenry Trial – Don’t Judge a Kid by Their Hoodie, Film Short
Kevin Patrick Murphy (USA), Iniquity, Film Short, Ensemble Cast
Madison Stewart Leonard (USA), Flush Lou, Film Short
Martin McDougall (United Kingdom), The Orchard, Music Video
Michael McLennan (Australia), Standby, Film Short
Michael Obiora (United Kingdom), Soaperstar, Actor: Leading (Michael Obiora as Aidan)
Orlando Martos (USA), The Hard Road Trio- Mama Spin Me Round, Music Video
Partho Gupte (India), Shine & Shade, Film Short (Student)
Pat Gehlen (USA), Requiem for a Crab, Film Short
Slava Babenkov (Ukraine), Immigrant Holdem, Actor: Leading (Slava Babenkov as Igor Kurganov)
Tiffany Joy Taylor (USA), Jericho, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Wade Chitwood (USA), The Prospector, Film Short
WonChan Sohn (USA), The Annunciation, Actor: Leading (Benton Jennings as Rabbi)

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Abdul Stone Jackson (USA), Click Next To Continue, Television – Pilot Program
Alan Chriest (USA), Heartsounds, Film Short
Alexandra Conway (USA), alone. together., Women Filmmakers
Alyce Vest (USA), Two Different Kinds of Love, Animation, Children / Family Programming
Antaneise Henderson (USA), I’m Press, African American
Antonia Ingrey (Argentina), AY ANTONIA, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Armando DuBon Jr. (USA), Reckoning, Actor: Leading (Armando DuBon Jr. as Nick Barros), Actor: Supporting (Edward C. Gillow as Mike Burns)
Bill Liggins (USA), I NEED; I WANT, African American, Film Short
Caleb Hebb (USA), Good: Men After Christ, Christian (Student)
Carmen Lamar Gonzalez (USA), Second to None, On-Camera Talent (Carmen Lamar Gonzalez), Web Series
Casey Cooper Johnson and Antoneta Kastrati (USA), The Sister Solution, Actress: Leading (Jana Kastrati Cooper Johnson as Elle), Film Short
Cydney Williams (USA), When the Wiggle Met the Giggle, Children / Family Programming
Daniel Ballard and Taylor Hellhake (USA), DEATHYARD, Actress: Leading (Lauren Rivas as Lauren)
Darren Campo (USA), Driftwood Episode Two – Lizard Mom, Webisode
Darren Summersby (Canada), What Comes Next, Film Short (Student), Actress: Leading (Student) (Paige Foskett as Antonia)
David J. Diaz (USA), THE GIFT, Film Short
Diane Tuft (USA), Coastal Requiem, Documentary Short
Elettra Fiumi, Fiumi Studios (USA), The Photojournalists Covering Pandemic Life in Italy, Documentary Short
Emily Feng (Canada), Carlitos, Documentary Short, Latin / Hispanic
Esther Mira (USA), Inn Communication, Editing (Skylar V. Smith)
Éva Adorján (Hungary), Lost and Found, Animation (Student)
Fajrian (Indonesia), Para Hiking, Disability Issues


Fernando Cassibi and Aloisio Barros Correia (Brazil), Paper Dreams, Latin / Hispanic
Gabriel Garton (USA), COVID NURSES, Documentary Short
George Nelson (USA), With Me, Animation
Gregory Lovett and Matthijs Heesemans (Netherlands), 12th Street, Documentary Short
Hannah Michielsen (Canada), Ingredients, Cinematography (Justin Black)
Helena Middleton (United Kingdom), My Mama, A Man, LGBT
Iqran Rasheed (Pakistan), aadat (habit), Film Short
James Michael Douglas (USA), Valle del Silicio (Silicon Valley), Latin / Hispanic (Student)
Jeff Paquet and Lucas Thompson (USA), HURTCORE, Film Short
Jennifer Yarbrough and RJ Vinalon (USA), Shock the Monkey – heavy metal cover by Low Octane, Music Video, Animation
Jiayue Yuan (Canada), Rainbow Clinic, Asian
Jill Frechie, John Ricciutti and Isaac Mell (USA), Kensington in Crisis, Reality Programming, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Jim Hall (USA), CrossTown (after the Glow), Music Video
Jim Hall (USA), TRAILER: CrossTown (after the Glow), Movie Trailer
Jim Winton Porter (Australia), Light, Film Short
Joao Butoh (Brazil), ALEPH, Film Short
Joe Benedetto (USA), The Audition, Actor: Leading (Dan Brennan as Alphie)), Film Short
Joe Lam (USA), Fugitive Zero, Actor: Leading (Andrew Golubic as Frankie Harris Jr.), Actress: Supporting (Georgina Elizabeth Okon as Victoria Dawson)
Johnathan Vargas (USA), Fashion Addict, Documentary Short
Jonathan Sprout and Rodney Whittenberg (USA), Safe, Music Video, Use of Film / Video for Social Change


Joshua Nelson (USA), A BROKEN ARROW, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Joshua Nelson (USA), Meow Mixer, LGBT
Joumana Rizk (USA), 31, Women Filmmakers
Karen Gogo Rice (USA), The Secret Subconscious of Joe Russell, Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Original Score (Composed Julian David Ramirez)
Ken Sagoes (USA), The McHenry Trial – Don’t Judge a Kid by Their Hoodie, Movie Trailer
Kevin Welbeck (USA), Viral, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Kousuke Hishinuma (Japan), Hide&Sniff, Film Short
Kylie Newman (USA), Turning 30, Women Filmmakers
Lara Aerts (Netherlands), Girlsboysmix, Documentary Short, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Lauren Campedelli (USA), A Good Shake, Film Short, Women Filmmakers, Ensemble Cast (Poonam Basu, Heather Ludwig, Esther Mira and Gordon Meacham)
Lauris Matulionis (Lithuania), Memento Vivere, Film Short
Lori Mizzons and Lawrence Riggins (USA), JACKS MOM Autism Warrior Princess, Disability Issues (Student)
Lou Carvell (USA), Rao’s: A Love Story. Meatballs, Memories, and My Girl, Documentary Short
Manyu Yang (USA), Survival, Asian (Student)
Martin Mulcahy (USA), MY MATTACHINE, Documentary Short, Experimental, LGBT
Matteo Zavaglia (USA), The Working Man, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Melanie De Reivich Silva and Hector Tapia Aguilar (Mexico), Loss, Women Filmmakers
Michael Cavalieri (USA), Ritornato, Film Short
Michael Monteiro (USA), To Kill A Cop, Movie Trailer
Michael Todorovic (Australia), Never Forgotten, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Michael Todorovic as Mediator/Edmund)
Nadia Ansari (USA), The Invisible Condition, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Nasser Aldhaheri (United Arab Emirates), Tolerance, Documentary Short
Negar Mojtahedi (Canada), My dream goes all the way to Iran, Documentary Short


Owen Squire Smith (USA), Brother’s Keeper, Disability Issues
Paul S. Lindsay (USA), 11-95, African American
Polina Ami Kosele (Latvia), MOM, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid (USA), The Squirrels in the Attic, Women Filmmakers, Actress: Leading (Charlie Carr as Ingrid)
Rob Seiffert and Rob Wagner (USA), We Met in Quarantine, Actor: Leading (Rob Wagner), Actress: Leading (Jess Wagner), Film Short
Rodney S. Robinson (USA), Magic Camera, Children / Family Programming, Film Short, Editing
Rodrigo De Nigris (Mexico), That Night with Her, Film Short
Sam Friedman (USA), Boy on the Moon, Film Short (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Sarah Goff, James Meyer, Rachel Morgan Perry and Elizabeth Usher (Australia), Sending Love Your Way, Music Video
Sean Tansey (Greece), The Stones of Rome, Film Short
Semmi Cole (USA), What Could Have Been, Film Short
Sharmila Banerjee (India), Behind The Scenes, Actor: Leading (Aditya Banerjee as Aditya)
Shawn Pipkin-West (USA), MO, African American, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Shivaan Makker (USA), Pastiche, Film Short
Soeun Park, Diasporadic Films (USA), Dr. Daddy, Actress: Leading (Kyriana Kratter as Carrie Lee), Web Tube Length Video
Stella Franceskides (United Kingdom), REYNA, Mobile / Cell Phone Media
Stuart Packer (United Kingdom), I love you all, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Stuart Packer as the man)
Such Stuff as Dreams Productions (USA), What We May Be, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Tami Magaro (USA), HOme SchOoling during Quarantine, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Thomas Biebers (USA), Generation to Generation, Jewish
Thorsten Schade (Germany), The Invitation (Die Einladung), Film Short, Cinematography (Nicolas Mussell)
Tim Firtion (USA), The Jersey Connection: S2 Premiere, Webisode, Script / Writer (Tim Firtion), Direction (Tim Firtion)
Tom Doherty, Gunnar Ulrich and Josiah Sjostrom (USA), Keep The Change, Film Short
WonChan Sohn (USA), The Annunciation, Christian
Zach Larche, Zero Limits Cinema (USA), Dismal & Himself, Christian (Student), Film Short (Student)


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