Award of Recognition September 2020

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Award of RecognitionA Adams (USA), Elected Girl, Music Video
Adam Karsten (USA), Viceroy, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
AJ Tedesco (USA), The Children, Animation
Amanda Carselind (Sweden), My Demons, Actress: Leading (Maya Nohrstedt as Elena), Women Filmmakers
Amrik S. Pabla (USA), Assassinators: Retribution, Film Short
Angellyne De Perio (USA), Lonely, the collaboration, Women Filmmakers, Creativity / Originality
Anna Olshansky Fox (USA), Letters, LGBT
Anne Kraft (USA), Filial Malfeasance, Film Short
Antonio De La Cruz (USA), The Astronaut, Latin / Hispanic
Ari Candido Fernandes and Ator José Wilker (Brazil), HEAVEN GARDEN, Film Short
Arpan Bahl (India), Bundle of Joy, Film Short
Black Cincinnati Cinema Collective (USA), Game Night, African American, Women Filmmakers
Bryan Davidson (United Kingdom), Perfect Strangers, Film Short
Carlos Arco and Peter Brensinger (USA), oMo, Film Short, Experimental
Carmen Lamar Gonzalez (USA), Second to None, Educational / Instructional / Training, Latin / Hispanic, Television – Program Series, Women Filmmakers
Cary Sandoval (USA), The Time Paradox, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Cary Sandoval as Charles Ochoa)
Celeste Locante Thorson (USA), VIPER VIRUS History in the Making, Women Filmmakers
Cesar Jaime (USA), Made in Da Crib, Latin / Hispanic

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Daniel Humphrey (USA), Nurture, Documentary Short
Devin Luther and Charlie Taylor (USA), Dear Mama, Television – Pilot Program
Donny Walker (USA), Mind Exchange Music Presents: Layne Marie Williams The Adventures of Ms Glitch Live Film Score, Television – Pilot Program
Donovan Johnson (USA), His Eyes Saw Dance, African American
Eddie DeBartolo (USA), Fear Thy Forest-A Short Horror Film, Experimental (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Eddie DeBartolo (USA), Mansion on Maybelle Street – A Short Horror Film, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Eduardo Ramirez (USA), Human Spectrum – Episode 1, Television – Pilot Program, Television – Program Series, Documentary Program / Series
Elettra Fiumi, Fiumi Studios (USA), The Photojournalists Covering Pandemic Life in Italy, Women Filmmakers
Emese Liliom (Hungary), Wolves, Film Short (Student)
Emi Katayama (Japan), 1.17, Documentary Short, Women Filmmakers
Emi Katayama (USA), REQUIEM, Music Video
Esther Mira (USA), Inn Communication, Film Short, Women Filmmakers
Eva Ulreich (USA), The Banshee, Animation (Student), Music Video (Student)
Frances Sapphire (Italy), AL DI LA’ DEL FIUME, Music Video
Gabrielle Miller (USA), 9 Lives: Chapter One, Women Filmmakers, Film Short
Gary M. Sanner (USA), Derivative, Animation, Original Score (Composed by Gary M. Sanner)
Gerard Dy (USA), I Heart Cheeseburgers, Asian
Jennifer Nash (USA), Diner Avec des Chiens, Women Filmmakers

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Joshua S. Lembke (USA), Teens of Style, Experimental
Joshua Sowden (USA), The Processed, Film Short
Justin Brown (Canada), RIFT, Documentary Short
Justin Wright (USA), Making Mason, Film Short
Lee Lacey (Ireland), Sight, Animation
Liam Burke (USA), NEPTUNE’S, Experimental, Film Short
Maria Carpenter (USA), Learning To Keep The Planet Green, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Marjorie Thomas (USA), Recovered, Women Filmmakers (Student), Creativity / Originality (Student)
Michael Obiora (United Kingdom), Soaperstar, Film Short
Michele Adams (USA), ABYSMAL TIES, Film Short
Milinda R. Kulkarni (India), Social Distancing Fail….Corona Travels To Hell !, Asian
Mitch Waters (USA), Twin Cities Non Violent, Documentary Short
Nadia Ansari (USA), The Invisible Condition, Disability Issues (Student), Documentary Short (Student), Educational / Instructional / Training (Student), Film Short (Student)
Neil D’Monte (USA), Jingle Trails, Actor: Leading (Student) (Jax Malcolm as Tyler), Children / Family Programming
Nikki Estridge (USA), Don’t Make it Awkward, Film Short, Comedy Program / Series
Omar Casillas and Fernando Rodriguez (USA), Last Vacation, Actress: Leading (Lisa Christine Holmberg as Samantha)
Patrick Eicner and George Firewalker Carlson (USA), The Transaction, Film Short, Actor: Leading (Patrick Eicner as Client), Actor: Leading (Tom Gipson as Andre)
Peter Sapira (USA), Lost Keys, Film Short

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Peter Strupp (USA), The Eulogist, Film Short
Queer Faith and TheMany Radical Faeries & Plurals (Belgium), A sWORDs CLUB EPISODE 001 : MULTIPLE by the Elemental System, Disability Issues
Rafael Cortes (United Kingdom), Clones, Film Short, Direction
Ricky Mendez (USA), GiveBack BeMoved: Barbados, Documentary Short, Entertainment / Drama / Dance / Variety
Rod Power (Australia), TimeBOY the next adventure, Children / Family Programming
Rogerio Takashi and Helena Riul (USA), Before Sunrise, Film Short
Ruth Elliott (USA), THE NIGHT PRINCESS, Women Filmmakers, Animation
Sarah Goff (Australia), Give it Space, Music Video
Sarbik Saha and Salmaan Hussain (USA), Paradise, Experimental (Student)
Sarbik Saha and Salmaan Hussain (USA), My Greatest Critic, Film Short (Student)
Shoorveer Tyagi (India), Jaadoo (The Magic), Actress: Leading (Archali Killekar as Bhakti)
Silvia Gregorova (Czech Republic), The Treasure, Film Short
Stella Franceskides (United Kingdom), REYNA, Women Filmmakers
Steven Holloway Films (USA), Stores of Hope, Christian
Tobin Cleary (USA), The Meeting Spot, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Todd Royal (USA), Bloodlines, Latin / Hispanic
Tom Fisk (Indonesia), Trash Story, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
Trevor Kyle Hansford (USA), A Better Balimore, African American
Vibhas P. A. Kendzia and Sandra Wasko-Flood (USA), AWAKENING TO SPIRIT – Inner Peace To World Peace, Special Purpose Productions
Victor Verhaeghe (USA), Pandemic Softball, Film Short
Vipin Choudhary (India), Afterlife – Every End has a New Beginning – Ant hi Aarambh hai, Film Short
Wade Chitwood (USA), Rocket Man and the Phantom Baron, Television – Pilot Program, Special Effects: Animation

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