Award of Recognition June 2020

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Award of RecognitionAbraham Chen (USA), Newborn, Film Short (Student)
Adam Gilmore (USA), Lament for a Wednesday, Film Short, Cinematography
Aishwarya Sonar and Shira Alon (USA), Shift, Film Short
Alessandro Gordillo (USA), Boy Wonder, Christian (Student), Film Short (Student)
Alex Armando Torres (USA), THE NOTHING, Film Short
Alfonssette Medina (Dominican Republic), “Wanna Get Away” Southwest Airlines Mock Commercial, Commercial / Infomercial (Student)
Amr El-Bayoumi (USA), Hot Towels, Film Short
Anlan Tao (China), Kite, Asian
Arthur Joseph (USA), Seen Already, Actor: Leading (Reggie Gaskins as Clay), Actor: Supporting (Derek OCampo as Ron), Film Short
Ash Yaghoubi (USA), Dirty Gamble, Film Short
Ashante P.T. Stokes (USA), Praise the Maker, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational
Cali Gilbert (USA), INVISIBLE, Use of Film / Video for Social Change
Charles and Mary Love (USA), Dream Traveler, Experimental
Charles and Mary Love (USA), The Dream Revisited, Civil Rights in Perspective, African American
Charles and Mary Love (USA), Iran, A Cultural Treasure, Documentary Short
Cliff Skelton (Canada), Not Your Average Bear, Actor: Leading (Simon Longmore as John Sullivan/ Mike Callahan)
Coreetta Buchan (United Kingdom), TRIALS OF VOLKORE (Part 4), Experimental
Coreetta Buchan (United Kingdom), JOURNEY OF THREE WORLDS (The Retake ), Experimental
Craig Hutchison (USA), Donna On The Go: JUDGE, Webisode
Cydney Cochrane (Canada), Short Stay, Ensemble Cast

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Daniel Rios (USA), Monster, Animation (Student), Web Tube Length Video (Student)
Daniel Schwachter (USA), Mantis, Experimental, Nature / Environment / Wildlife
David Har’el (USA), Inertia, Creativity / Originality
Debi Yazbeck (USA), Out of the Walls, Women Filmmakers, Actress: Leading (Tomorrow Shea as Lori Hawes)
Elizabeth Usher (Australia), There’s No Place for a Uke on Halloween, Animation
Emma Scharf (USA), Released, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Emma Scharf (USA), A Book, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Emma Scharf (USA), Quiet, Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger
Emre Orun (USA), Battle, Actor: Leading (Emre Orun as Horseman / Emre)
Fella Cederbaum (USA), When Thoughts Stick To Your Mind, Film Short, Movie Trailer
Fella Cederbaum (USA), A Tear, Film Short
Fella Cederbaum (USA), The Door, Film Short
Forget Patrice (France), Gaza, One Football, One Leg, Documentary Short, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Freddie Jarrett (USA), Woke, African American
Geezy Hamilton (USA), SHUGA, African American, Film Short
Gideon Khachadourian (USA), The Measure of Forgiveness, Christian (Student)
Grace Norman, Miclngrace Studios (South Africa), DARK MOON, Actor: Leading (Michael ‘Micl Snr’ Norman as Rogue Taze), Experimental, Women Filmmakers
Greg L. Hines (USA), Girl In The Mirror, Music Video, African American
Harrell D. Williams, Sr. (USA), A Natural Choice, Film Short
Hugo Teugels (Belgium), AnoMiC, Music Video, Movie Trailer
Isaac Ruth and Christine Renaud (USA), Safer at Home, Film Short, Actress: Leading (Christine Renaud as her), Direction

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James E. Carter / Victor Arnez (USA), I GOT THE LAST LAUGH!, Film Short
Jared Hines (USA), Lo Scamp (The Scamp), Mobile / Cell Phone Media
Jason Silverstein (USA), The Vanishing Twin, Film Short
Jenness  Rouse (USA), The Shannon O’Brian Chronicles, Ep. 19 Beers ‘N Masks, Actress: Leading (Jenness Rouse as Shannon O’Brian), Webisode
Jenness Rouse (USA), The Shannon O’Brian Chronicles, Ep. 19.5, TIKTok-IN’!  Sink da Mayo, Web Tube Length Video
Jennifer DiMarco (USA), Trade, Disability Issues
Jennifer DiMarco (USA), My Wyvern Heart, Actress: Leading (Faith Aoibhinn DiMarco as Julia), Original Score (Flight of the Wyvern composed by Brianne DiMarco)
Johnny Ray Campbell (USA), The Traffic Stop, Film Short
Jonathan Croft (Canada), Herman Faustus Chatman Pt. 2 – The Music Team, Music Video
Jon-Mark Hurley (USA), The Germaphobe’s Guide, Humor/Humorist, Actor Leading (Jon-Mark Hurley as Jon-Mark, The Germaphobe)
Joseph Lawson (USA), In Place of My Thumb., Actor: Leading (Joseph Lawson as Joe/Various)
Josh Karan (USA), Birth Of A Union, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Julia Levanne and Myhraliza Aala (USA), Brightside, Asian
Julian Green (USA), Elsagate, Children / Family Programming (Student), Documentary Short (Student), Young Filmmaker – 17 and younger, On-Camera Talent (Student) (Julian Green as self)
Justin Jay Jones (USA), History, Web Tube Length Video, Documentary Short
Ken Holmes and Audrey Seybold (USA), Chatter, Experimental, Mobile / Cell Phone Media
Kevin Veatch (USA), Gargantua vs. the Robot, Experimental, Web Tube Length Video, Script / Writer
Lea Welles (USA), Travel Today with Lea, Television – Pilot Program
Liam McIntyre (USA), The King of Quarantine, Actor: Leading (Student) (Liam McIntyre as Liam MacBain), Humor / Humorist

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Luis Lazo- Martinez (USA), La calle del Rio, Film Short
Matthew Cassani (USA), F.T.P., Liberation / Social Justice / Protest
Michael Kuciak (USA), Stairs, Experimental, Editing
Michael Mayers (USA), Bottled Up, Actress: Leading (Ginger Britt Daniels as Martha)
Min-gyeong Jo (Korea), ARROWHEAD HILL, THE 66 YEARS FROZEN IN TIME, Women Filmmakers
Mokhtar Namdar (Iran), A Little Death is Needed for Life, Documentary Short
Olivia Sokol (USA), The Pilgrims, Documentary Short (Student)
Parin Intarasorn (Thailand), Bedsore, Asian
Philip Welch (USA), American Zen, Documentary Short
Richeler Aladin (USA), The Masked 4, Film Short, Direction
Richeler Aladin (USA), Ms. Anita, Film Short
Ritendra Datta (USA), Dark Circle, Asian, Film Short
Ron Clemons (USA), MAN, African American
Ryan D. Coulton (USA), The Rats in the Walls, Film Short
Ryan Krall (USA), Huck’s Game, Animation (Student)
Sheran Goodspeed Keyton (USA), Empty Nest, Film Short, Direction
Shubham Shourya (India), Kaarigar (Artisan), Experimental
Skyy Cannon and Sierra Williams (USA), Zenobia’s Lost Ones, Film Short
Sophia Costanzo, Loyola Marymount University (USA), Father Daughter, Latin / Hispanic (Student), Film Short (Student)
Victor C. Dean (USA), AT ANY MOMENT, Documentary Short, Direction
Whitney Powell (USA), Undressed, Film Short, Woman Filmmaker
Yue Yuan (China), The Silent Ride, Documentary Short (Student), Disability Issues (Student)
Zachary Viola (Canada), Parallel, Film Short (Student)

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