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Loran Perrin – The Red Case (L’Etui Rouge)

Best Shorts Film FestivalLoran Perrin (France), The Red Case (L’Etui Rouge), Film Short – Sarah is a nurse who loves jazz. When a mysterious musician she sees in the street gets admitted in her hospital, she suddenly feels the need to take care of him. But her new patient seems to be more preoccupied by his missing red case than his own health. A touching and emotional story which speaks to love, solitude and hope while exploring such universal truths as loneliness, passion, personal history and family. Excellent direction by television director Loran Perrin with outstanding performances by Elisabeth Ventura (La consolation, Papyrus) and Bernard Métreaux (Dishonored, Vidocq). Also stars Christian Pellissier, Hervé Rey and Louise Danel.

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Best Shorts Film FestivalJosh Mann, Intricacy Films (USA), Frederick, Film Short – Frederick is a rich and troubled painter desperate to make an impact by creating passionate, provocative and disturbing work. An exceptional script, deft direction and chillingly authentic performances. Directed by Traci Hays, stars SAG-nominated James Morrison (Revenge, Twin Peaks), Josh Mann (Dystopia).

Francesca Eastwood Best Shorts Film Festival

Braden Sumers, (USA), Rebel in Rising, Social Justice / Protest – A beautiful and poetic interpretation regarding the current political climate and the sudden changes being experienced in America told through a beauty-centric lens. Lush and compelling visual feast with a strong message and an engaging performance from Francesca Eastwood (True Crime, Jersey Boys)

Best Shorts Film FestivalNikki Palomino, Ezra Spurrier and Jason Herring (USA), Dazed, Experimental – Overwhelmed with talent, one man’s struggle between the nightmarish world of addiction, his music and the woman who forces a choice.  Compelling images and a pulsing soundtrack carry this emotionally charged piece. Stars David Brackett (Melrose Place) and Cortney Palm (Sushi Girl).

Best Shorts Film FestivalMaciej Barczewski (Poland), My Pretty Pony, Film Short – An elderly man, nearing death, gives his young grandson an unusual gift and tells him about the transient nature of time.  A skillful  adaptation of Steven King’s story with rich cinematography and exceptional performances.  Stars Marian Dziedziel (The Pianist) and Mateusz Broda.

Best Shorts Film FestivalJoaquin Braga (Argentina), Tanguito Argentino, Animation – Two post lights dance under the moonlight by the beautiful sound of Tango.  Buenos Aires “El Caminito” becomes the mystic place where charming and charismatic animals creatively play make shift instruments bringing to life the magic and passion of tango.  Thoroughly engaging and heart-warming.

Best Shorts Award CompetitionOmid Shabkhiz (USA), The Cowboy, Film Short – A man delivers a suitcase filled with money to an abandoned shack, but when he gets there he sees a massacre and strikes a conversation with the only survivor.  Witty scripting and on-point performances.  Peter Banifaz (Hail, Caesar!) Ken Lyle (Four Winds) Anton Rivas (April Fools’ Day).

Best Shorts Film AwardsIgor Trif (Russia), The Elevator, Film Short – Two vastly different strangers with their own secrets accidentally meet in an elevator.  After a long, hot night trapped in the elevator they learn more about each other than they ever expected to and their lives are changed forever. Stars Yulia Peresild (Battle for Sevastopol) and Vladimir Koshevoy (Brut).

National Geographic Short Film FestivalDavid Hayes (United Kingdom), The Wait, Doc Short – An honest look at the process, passion and patience of incredible young wildlife photographer Michel D’Oultremont and his mission to photograph bison. Exceptionally and creatively shot in the style of the photographer. Fascinating and visually engaging. On Nat Geo channel. Hannah Salvanes McLean producer.

Best Shorts Film FestivalKent Flaagan (USA), Ten Thousand Camels, Liberation / Social Justice – A thought provoking and heart wrenching story of two good men. A soldier who believes he’s captured a terrorist and a Middle Eastern man who believes the terrorist has captured him. The film forces the viewer to confront their perceptions of war and stereotypes. Michael Thayer, Daniel Flemming.

Best Shorts Film FestivalMadeline Rozwat (USA), Letters from Alcatraz, Film Short 1960s period film about one of the children of Alcatraz and a pen-pal relationship that stretches the bounds of the imagination.  Touching and imaginative.  Stars Joshua Decker (Boulevard), Kate Emerick (Peter’s Price) and Chuck McCollum (The Guardian).  Award of excellence words
Aaron Rudelson (USA)
, Norman Pinski Come Home, Actor: Leading (Ray Iannicelli as Howard Pinski), Actor: Supporting (Lee Tergesen as Dr. Vanderwal), Film Short, Script, Humor
Abigail Hepner Gross and Sam Fishman (SINAI Schools), and Len Khodorkovsky (Jamestown Associates) (USA), Jacob’s Footprints, Disability Issues, Documentary Short, Jewish
Adam Stern (Canada), FTL, Film Short
Alexander Wilson-Flynn (Ireland), Unforgotten, Film Short
Amanda Alvich (USA), OUT, LGBT (Student)
Andrew McDonald (USA), Neonatal, Actress: Leading (Tam Jackson as Martha)
April Kelley, Mini Productions (United Kingdom), Annie Waits, Film Short
Artem Makarevich (Russia), Goodbye, mister D, Film Short
Arya Deo (India), Metanoia, Film Short
Bill Jarcho (USA), Not One of Us, Animation
Bob Celli (USA), Brooklyn In July, Film Short
Brett Walker (USA), The Groundskeeper, Film Short
Carman Tsang, Radio Television Hong Kong (Hong Kong), If, Special Purpose Productions
Chris Zarb (Malta), The Last Grain, Film Short
Christopher Piazza (USA), Olfactory, Film Short
Daniel DuChateau (USA), Recital, Jewish
Daniel Ruczko (Germany), Solitary, Film Short
Eleanor Hoppe (USA), Margaux In America, Women Filmmakers
Harry Assouline (USA), New York 2150 (TV Pilot), Movie Trailer
Helen Morrison – Bent3Land and Dean Gibson – Bacon Factory Films (Australia), Welcome to Country, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples

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James Just (USA), Tom in Couchland, Animation (Student)
John Flanders (USA), THE RIDE, Original Score (I Am The Ride, score by Cris Smither)
Jonathan Kingston Gameiro (France), True Heart, Film Short
Jose Holder (Canada), REDRUBY, Film Short
Josh Mann, Intricacy Films (USA), Frederick, Actor: Leading (Josh Mann as Frederick)
Karl Ryan Erikson (USA), Addle Strife, Film Short
Lanita Ririnui-Ryan and Amomai Pihama (New Zealand), Poi – The Heartbeat of a Nation, Native American / Aboriginal Peoples
Lenny Gerard (USA), Feel Me Now, LGBT
Loran Perrin (France), THE RED CASE, Actress: Leading (Elisabeth Ventura as Sarah), Actor: Leading (Bernard Metraux as Dom), Original Score (The Red Case composed by Stephane Corbin), Cinematography (Dominque de Wever)
Lukasz Pytlik (Japan), Nineveh’s Burning, Music Video
Michael  Bond (USA), Elle, Film Short, Direction
Michael  Simsek (USA), Bless Her Heart, Film Short
Michael Lindley (United Kingdom), God’s Own Children, Film Short
Nadia Kibout (Italy), Veiled Wings, Islamic
Nick Cavalier (USA), The Weight We Carry, Disability Issues
Nis Vinten (Denmark), My Best & Only One, Film Short
Owen Royce (USA), Half Smile, Actor: Leading (Joe Kessler as Charlie)
Pavels Gumennikovs, GumennikovFilms (Latvia), Just go!, Film Short
Phil Comeau (Canada), Belle-Île-en-Mer, a Breton and Acadian Island, Documentary Short
Ran Ro (USA), In Between, Women Filmmakers (Student)
Ryan Ederer (USA), This Side of the Dirt, Christian
Simon Williams, The Stampede Trail (Australia), BREATHLESS, Film Short
Tobias Bergman (Sweden), Die Kleine Figur, Film Short
Travis Mauck (USA), Will Strip for Change, Liberation / Social Justice / Protest


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